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The Santa Clarita Valley's many bicycle stores could benefit from the newfound interest some residents might take in bicycling when the tour comes through town.
But Eugene's reputation in the bicycling world has slipped.
People from Albert Einstein to movie stars like Joan Crawford took up recreational bicycling as a sport.
Department of Transportation Appropriations Act, directed the Secretary of Transportation to conduct a national study to determine current levels of bicycling and walking, determine why they are not better used as means of transportation, develop a plan for increased use and enhanced safety of these modes, and identify the resources necessary to implement and achieve this plan.
In the United States, federal law now requires every state to appoint a bicycle coordinator and each state and metropolitan area to have a long-range bicycle plan; state and local governments also have new flexibility to provide bicycling facilities with much of the federal fundin formerly reserved for high-ways.
s Bicycling magazine announced today the best new bikes for 2011 as featured in its long-awaited annual Buyer's Guide, which is now on sale at newsstands and online at BICYCLING.
Demonstrating another innovation only possible from the world's largest manufacturer of quality bicycles, Giant Bicycle has defined a totally new form of bicycling and viable alternative transportation with Hybrid Cycling Technology.
MARKET TRENDS, DRIVERS AND ISSUES II-9 High Gas Prices Boost Bicycle Sales II-9 Rising Oil Costs: Stimulus for Electric-Bicycles II-9 Table 5: Global Gas Price Trends (2009-2013) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-9 Growing Focus on Traffic Congestion and Environment Issues Spur Demand II-10 Bicycling - A Potential Solution to Global Warming II-10 Table 6: CO2 Emissions (in Billion Tonnes) by Select Region/Country (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-10 Demand for Electric Bicycles Gains Momentum II-11 Table 7: Definition of E-Bicycles in Select Regions II-12 27.
Elliot Gluskin, research director for Bicycling Magazine, said the number of riders dropped to 43.
Bicycling magazine Editor-In-Chief Steve Madden, along with representatives from the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation's SECURE THE FUTURE program and the Kona Bicycle Company, will this week officially distribute 200 specially-designed and constructed Kona bicycles in two Botswana cities to assist home health care workers in caring for patients with HIV and AIDS as part of their joint BikeTown Africa program.
This includes incorporating ``interval training'' techniques (high output followed by rest periods) and a variety of resistances that more closely simulate a bicycling workout.
the authoritative source for trusted content in health and wellness around the world, announced today that five of its magazine titles, Men's Health, Prevention, Runner's World, Backpacker and Bicycling have received a total of eight 2006 National Magazine Award (NMA) nominations from the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME), the magazine industry's highest editorial honor.
Bicycling magazine Editor-In-Chief Steve Madden and Publisher Chris Lambiase announced today that the magazine will partner with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation and the Kona Bicycle Company to expand internationally its acclaimed BikeTown program to the African nation of Botswana in Spring 2006.
Knight's bill would declare walking and bicycling next to the aqueduct a ``hazardous activity'' - as was declared last year for mountain biking in state parks - reducing the liability to the state if anyone is injured.