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having molecules consisting of two fused rings

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Shi, "Matching energy of unicyclic and bicyclic graphs with a given diameter," Complexity, vol.
In the mid-1990s, researchers led by Prof McGuigan discovered an entirely new family of antivirals, called bicyclic nucleoside analogues (BCNAs).
The molecule is a robust bicyclic diterpene molecule, which has two hydroxyl functional groups that facilitate the imprinting by increasing the binding strength and specificity through noncovalent bounds like hydrogen bonds, dipole-dipole, or van der Waals interactions with the polymer matrix.
13) used isosorbide and other bicyclic diols from renewable resources in order to improve the thermal stability and glass transition temperature of poly(butylene terephthalate).
Harmonic index is extensively studied for unicyclic and bicyclic graphs in [11].
The a-pinene is a bicyclic terpene found in many essential oils including those from pine piper rosemary and lavender and possesses various biological activities such as repellent and antifeedant activities against the tobacco cutworm Spodoptera litura (Fan et al.
A main biologically active constituent of Horopito characterised to date, is the bicyclic sesquiterpene dialdehyde, polygodial, found in P colorata.
Bicycle specialises in the development of developing bicyclic peptides.
Key statement: A rubber material is described, modified with a barrier material in the form of a copolymer which can be produced via ring-opening metathesis polymerization of a) at least one olefin monomer selected from the group consisting of monocyclic olefin monomers having one or two endocyclic C--C double bonds and bicyclic olefin monomers having one endocyclic C--C double bond and b) at least one polycyclic olefin monomer having at least two C--C double bonds.
The Si/tech Innovation Award--Hui Yu, New Functional Polymers LLC, for "Novel Synthetic Methods for Bicyclic Coating Resin"
The Siltech Innovation Award was given to Hui Yu of New Functional Polymers LLC, for her paper titled, " Novel Synthetic Methods for Bicyclic Coating Resin.
ThromboGenics will develop drugs usingA Bicycle's bicyclic peptides, which inhibit a target involved in vascular permeability.
Pinenes are a class of bicyclic organic compounds typically found in the resin of conifers as well as in other flora, and are one of the most common biogenic organic emissions found in the atmosphere.
Celogentins and moroidin, the bicyclic peptides isolated from the seeds of C.