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Synonyms for bicycler

a person who rides a bicycle

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Yes, the Bearded Bicycler of Islington North is obviously registering SOMEthing with Britain's women voters.
Driving through Manhattan every Sunday to serve at the Divine Liturgy, I can attest that the Sunday runners, bicyclers, and occasional marathons are now the heart of what occupies my fellow citizens on Sunday and what blocks or slows my access to my parish church in Manhattan on the Lord's Day.
In the city itself, the airmen saw bicyclers and children looking up and waving as they roared over the rooftops; citizens assumed that the B-25 was some new type of Japanese aircraft.
Several years ago, however, a barrier was constructed (at a cost of five million dollars) between the bridge's walkway and traffic, designed to protect bicyclers on the bridge from onrushing cars (Joiner, 2005).
NEW DELHI -- As part of a cultural exchange programme, Vijayawada city-based Active Bicyclers Association will organise a cycle expedition from New Delhi to Islamabad in Pakistan from November 1, reported The Hindu.
Among the many early stories, George Ade's Rollo Johnson, the Boy Inventor; or, The Demon Bicycle and Its Daring Rider, about a young racer, and John Kendricks Bangs's "The Bicyclers," about the cycling adventures of New Yorkers, culminating in an arrest by one of New York's finest for riding without a lamp, stand out.
Going up the mountain was a pack or a pod or whatever you would call it, of about 10 bicyclers, and they were on like $4000 bikes, and they were wearing the full windsuits, you know.
Strava is intended principally for bicyclers, but can be used by walkers, hikers or anyone else exercising by moving between two or more points.
If you look at who actually comes to Leavenworth from a business standpoint, it's rock climbers, river rafters, bicyclers, hikers.
In contrast, other interest groups such as bicyclers lack authentic channels to express their concerns.