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Getting there two minutes faster won't be much consolation for two hours spent wedged between the toilet door, a bicycle wheel and a sharp elbow.
Even the Royal Engineers could not have constructed a drill with the circumference of a bicycle wheel, then drilled a shaft through half a mile of solid rock, with three curves in the shaft and a metal lining to facilitate a lift to bring the men up.
Chilean engineers have said they need at least 120 days using a hydraulic bore to dig a narrow escape shaft measuring just 66 centimetres in diameter, or roughly the size of a bicycle wheel, to get the men out.
A shovel blade mounted on what looks like an oversized bicycle wheel, it's received invention awards from Popular Mechanics and Time.
The bicycle wheel would consist of a disk shaped solar cell- transmitter array stretched out over spokes, with a pole running through its centre.
The London Eye (also called the Millennium Wheel) is the largest Ferris wheel in Europe, located on the South Bank of the Thames; it resembles a giant bicycle wheel with 32 enclosed "eye capsules" that can carry about two dozen people apiece.
The bottom of the memorial will be a 16-foot-diameter bicycle wheel constructed of Jet Black granite, on which the bronze relief sculpture will sit.
So how did a company from Indiana establish itself as a leader in the high-end bicycle wheel market where a set of premium wheels retails from $1,300 to $3,500?
In the webs of modern orb-web spiders, long strands of silk connect at a center point, like the spokes of a bicycle wheel.
He took a bicycle wheel, mounted it to a stool and called it Bicycle Wheel.
The device, which used available materials such as a bicycle wheel and stand, rubber tubes, a wooden trough, and standard army geophones, recorded both the location of moving sound (created by bubbles of air passing through water) and the test subject's estimates of their location.
It resembled a bicycle wheel but was twenty-six stories high, four stories taller than Chicago's skyscraping "Capitol" building--the world's tallest building at the time.
The commonest call now is an unmistakable, loud and far-carrying "tee-cha, tee-cha" that is repeated several times and bears a striking resemblance to a squeaky bicycle wheel.
Police have found marks from bicycle wheel bearings in the bodies of the victims, indicating the possibility the explosive used was an improvised one.