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a seat for the rider of a bicycle


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As he did so he was hit in the head with a bicycle seat by one of the men, sustaining a serious head injury as a result.
Dr Michael Lutz, at the Michigan Institute of Urology, told a US radio station: "It's been long-known that compression of the neurovascular supply to the penis--if it's compressed for a period of time, whether it be on a bicycle seat or some other device--it can actually cause prolonged numbness of the genitalia.
The man grabbed one of the thieves from behind, but was hit on the back of the head with a bicycle seat.
She suffered a broken pelvis and her bicycle seat was driven deep into her thigh, leaving a huge open wound.
But not all children are able to mount a bicycle seat or balance without assistance, which somewhat hinders their independence.
In 1895, Sonneschein founded The American Jewess, the first magazine geared toward American Jewish women, which covered topics from the Zionist idea in its infancy to whether or not it was decorous for a woman to straddle a bicycle seat.
The bike frame can be built quickly and easily using only basic workshop tools and materials, including a few lengths of angle iron, some flat lengths of metal, bicycle seat posts and seat tubes, and a scrapped standard electric centrifugal water pump.
Built and developed by the robotics giant Honda, the latest wearable walking-assisted gadget looks like a bicycle seat that is connected by mechanical frames to a pair of shoes.
Does this note mean: a) the cafe is thinking of cyclists' welfare and can offer you a plastic bag to cover your bicycle seat, just in case it rains while you sit indoors?
Your parents give you the support, hold onto the bicycle seat, tell you to lean a little left, a little right and help you find your own center.
Show them Picasso's assemblage of a bicycle seat with handlebars that becomes a "bull," Pablo's nickname.
A 60-year-old private-hire driver was threatened with a metal bar attached to a bicycle seat by two passengers who refused to pay their fare.
ATLANTA -- It's not only the bicycle seat that causes erectile dysfunction in some men who cycle--it may also be the way they sit on it, according to a poster presented at the annual meeting of the American Urological Association.
Chromed metal bicycle seat stool, pounds 49, Dwell (0870 2418653/ www.