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a tricycle (usually propelled by pedalling)


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Limousines, motorcycle taxis and bicycle rickshaws, often known as pedicabs, could be subjected to the same safety and driver training requirements as taxis," the commission said.
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Islamic Relief, and Aceh NGO Maimun Centre have created a fund which buys bicycle rickshaws, then lends them to riders, until they earn enough money to purchase their new vehicle via weekly instalments.
Shapes, patterns and colours were ever-changing in the Main Bazaar as the motor-rickshaws weaved between holy cows, wild dogs, scooters, cars, bicycle rickshaws and brightly dressed shoppers.
Cykeltaxi offers guided city tours aboard bicycle rickshaws.
So the site of new-fangled, bicycle rickshaws on the streets of the city centre is not going to pass without comment.
THE High Court was today giving judgement on a renewed bid by taxi drivers to force bicycle rickshaws to be licensed like black cabs.
Even his own corner abounds with shoeshine stands, bicycle rickshaws and panhandlers - all vying for a buck from tourists awaiting cable cars and business people on lunch breaks.
We slept in, then spent the day riding bicycle rickshaws and smelling th jasmine in Delhi.
Launched by a former student of the University of Wales, Newport, a fleet of four of the bicycle rickshaws, which can carry two adults and a child, will be wheeled out on Monday.
A HORDE of people slop red paint onto each other, while elsewhere fishermen push bicycle rickshaws across the seabed.
In Old Havana and Vedado, bicycle rickshaws charge around $1 for a short journey.