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a rack for parking bicycles

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Users can return the bike by locking it to any bicycle rack in the area.
Incidents/Injuries: Salsa Cycles has received two reports of bicycle racks breaking at the mounting straps, resulting in minor injuries from falls.
A grade of NexPrene thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) from Solvay Engineered Polymers plays a key role in both the function and the aesthetics of a new bicycle rack designed and built by Stromberg Carlson Products, Inc.
NexPrene thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) plays a key role in both the function and the aesthetics of a bicycle rack designed and built by Stromberg Carlson Products.
And he invited us to rejoice at the news that he has authorised the construction of a bicycle rack behind the Shed End for Chelsea's downwardly mobile supporters.
She had parked it in the bicycle rack at the hospital's main entrance, but it had vanished by the end of the day.
It looked about as much of this world as the Milliband brothers but struck a chord among the sort of people who study bicycle rack catalogues and own more than one pair of hiking boots.
The bike, which was secured with a lock, was taken from the bicycle rack at the station's Riverside car park.
But buying new comes with the free ICE pack worth pounds 2,500 and includes the air-con, beer keg and wine coolers, bicycle rack, oven/grill, alloy wheels, electric mirrors and matching seat covers.
The rear seats fold easily to increase boot space and a neat option is a pounds 475 bicycle rack that pulls out of the rear bumper when needed.
FlatRack bicycle rack -- Fold this hitch-mounted rack flat against your bumper for quick stowage and easy maneuvering.
In addition to supporting the van purchase, Badger Truck Center also fully funded the vehicle wrap and a custom-built bicycle rack.
His service project, completed for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints West 18th Avenue Meeting House in Eugene, involved constructing a concrete pad and bicycle rack.