bicycle race

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a race between people riding bicycles

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Unlike traditional bicycle races, the Cannonball Rides are self-supported.
HH Shaikh Nasser noted to BTA members' participation, stressing that NBHF Time Trial Bicycle Race is considered as part of the team's preparations for upcoming contests within and outside Bahrain.
Dubai Police has allocated 70 police patrols and 85 traffic policemen to organise traffic movement during the first edition of the bicycle race, Dubai Tour.
Over 1,000 boy and girl students participated in badminton, throw ball Wanjh Waati, athletics, cricket, bicycle race, chess and other sports.
CLINTON -- Dan Young, of Clinton, was the first American finisher in the masters category, 60 to 69 years old, in the recent inaugural Grand Fondo, Niagara Falls, bicycle race.
An attraction at an animal park in China went wrong when a bear attacked a monkey during a bicycle race.
A friendly bicycle race was held for the youth, which was held with the support of the Bahrain Bicycle Association.
Last time the tour, an annual bicycle race held in France, visited England was in 2007.
With, I suspect, a weather eye on the Tour de France, Smith and Graham have combined to tell the story of sixty year old Monsieur Albert's bicycle race around France.
When released as a single with Bicycle Race, the song reached No.
So maybe it's not surprising that just a few weeks after undergoing treatment for colorectal cancer, he felt he was ready for the 24-hour Ring of Fire bicycle race at Maupin in Central Oregon.
Taiwanese team Giant, where Kyrgyz cyclist Evgeny Vakker is in, has won many days bicycle race "Tour Taiwan".
Now I'm fully behind the sentiments of that famous song by Queen, Bicycle Race, which goes: "I want to ride my bicycle/I want to ride my bike/I want to ride my bicycle/I want to ride it where I like" - but the depressing truth of the matter is I can't ride my bicycle where I like because the vast majority of our roads are designed solely for cars and a great many motorists, in my experience, have no sympathy for cyclists, for whom just arriving at their destination without having been knocked off, or nearly knocked off, their bikes is something of a victory.
Many participants, including government officials, local government representatives, diplomats, students and citizens participated in the bicycle race and the flower arrangements contest organized on that occasion.
SIR - While I naturally congratulate Nicole Cooke on her triumph in winning the Olympic gold medal in the gruelling bicycle race on Sunday, August 10, I cannot help but recall a fairly recent trip I made to Tallinn, Estonia, a smaller country than Wales, which was a constituent republic of the Soviet Union until 1991.