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a small pump that fills bicycle tires with air

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Bicycle pumps are used during tubectomy in cases where carbon- dioxide insufflator is unavailable, they said.
The use of bicycle pumps is a crude method which involves the risk of infection.
The move came on the trail of Centre seeking a report from the state government about the reported use of bicycle pumps during sterilisation procedures at the camp at Banparpal.
On November 28, a doctor used a bicycle pump to inflate the abdomens of 56 women while conducting a procedure called a laparoscopic tubectomy during a sterilisation camp here.
Doctor Mahesh Prasad Rout, who conducted the procedure, informed the Gulf News that the practice of using bicycle pump in laparoscopic tubectomy was not new.
The Odisha Human Rights Commission (OHRC) took suo motu cognisance of the bicycle pump use and sought government response within four weeks.
I wanted those cops to break it up, bust heads, stick a few bicycle pumps where the sun doesn't shine.
They can walk through the big cooker, use bicycle pumps to simulate the puffing process, and control the heat in the giant cereal toaster.
Bicycle pumps doubled as swords, other characters were merely names written on camping plates and held aloft to indicate their presence, while the famous balcony scene was recreated using the bike, hoisted up by two of the cast, with Juliet perched on top of it.
They include The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, For A Few Dollars More and Once Upon a Time in The West, with hilarious sound effects created by blowing on bottles, crushing cornflakes and 'playing' coat hangers, squeaky toys, rubber gloves, bicycle pumps and more.
So, expect a bit of bottle-blowing, cornflake-crushing and other special sound effects ranging from "playing" coat-hangers, apples and squeaky toys to rubber gloves, bicycle pumps and nail-clippers to recreate punch-ups, gunshots and jangling spurs.