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a clip worn around a cyclist's ankles that keeps trousers from becoming caught in the bicycle chain


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The second race up is the Arkle and this is the one that will have us reaching for the bicycle clips for our trousers.
ANORTH East solicitor is swapping legal manuals for a pair of bicycle clips as he puts the wheels in motion to take on Europe.
Answers on page 26 Wit and wisdom 'I had to put my bicycle clips on to stop the runs going from my rear into my shoes' The charming description given by bookmaker Barry Dennis on taking a bet of pounds 80,000 at 6-4 from JP McManus on his Baracouda winning the 2005 World Hurdle.
Still a byword for reliability and value, backed by VW they now make cars that also look good enough not to have the discerning motorist dusting off his bicycle clips or running for the bus rather than be seen behind the wheel.
One participant was banned for life after concealing worms in his trouser legs to sprinkle on the ground - "we got suspicious when we saw him wearing bicycle clips," the Telegraph quoted championship organiser Mike Forster.
Having arrived safely, your kids are given nature study lessons by Mr Bicycle Clips.
Trust in politicians is sadly on the wane, but crafty Cameron will no longer be able to claim he is restoring confidence in elected representatives after we've caught him with his bicycle clips off.
Fel honno amdano'n troi i fyny i'w chyfarfod mewn gwesty yn Ninbych y Pysgod a'r maitre d' yn ei got bol deryn yn ei chyfarch, 'Some dark-eyed peasant in yellow corduroys and bicycle clips is waiting for you.
In comparison, many people said the worst gift-wrapped surprises to open would be handkerchiefs, garden gnomes or bicycle clips.
She was able to grab a lift home with a colleague that evening and the store manager also gave her a bottle of wine and a new set of bicycle clips.
STUNNED policemen were quick on the draw with their bicycle clips - to stop a sack of homeless ferrets running up their trouser legs.
How many individuals have been convicted of using bicycle clips as knuckle-dusters?
He said: "I've decided to stick with Paul and Stevie so they will either be licking their lips or have the bicycle clips on but hopefully they will be licking their lips.
Most people opted for normal clothing: men tucked their trousers into their socks or wore bicycle clips and, at first, women could only comfortably ride tricycles which accommodated their voluminous skirts.
And if Pendleton strikes gold again, she won't be getting back on a bike - for she has decided to hang up her bicycle clips and take a well-earned break before deciding the next step.