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a chain that transmits the power from the pedals to the rear wheel of a bicycle

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He shouted at the man "You're going to get it", and he rushed at him striking him on the head with the bicycle chain with a padlock on the end.
The chain was described as a silver bicycle chain, about 33 inches long.
A broken bicycle chain could keep you from reaching a hot meal.
Dupont ACA: Mix a bicycle chain, a couple of vises, a color wheel, a needle, and a guillotine paper cutter, and what do you have?
The youngster, from Dagenham, Essex, died while he was being prepared for surgery at Broomfield Hospital, after trapping his finger in a bicycle chain.
The notNeutral store carries such patterns as high-contrast, brown-and-white and black-and-white designs, a link pattern derived from a bicycle chain.
And Victoria was left to be tortured, starved, beaten with a bicycle chain, slashed with razors, burned, bound hand and foot and left to freeze to death in a plastic bin liner.
Why would oil help a bicycle chain to move or keep a door hinge from squeaking?
With a $5,000 investment, they started a new company to manufacture bicycle chain in Indianapolis.
11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Transworld Business Advisors, the nation's premier and fastest growing business brokerage firms announces it has successfully brokered the sale of the Bike America retail bicycle chain of stores.
Wednesday's update from car parts and bicycle chain Halfords will be watched closely for any signs that trading is getting back on track following a dire year of sliding sales and tumbling profits.
FEARS of a petrol shortage have sparked a bicycle chain reaction in Birmingham - with motorists investing in pedal power.
Five-year-old Jonathan Turner, from Pelaw, in Gateshead, escaped serious injury when he jammed a finger on each hand while playing with his bicycle chain.
The duo - one wearing green paint on his face and the other with a thick bicycle chain around his neck - are so distinctive police believe someone must know who they are.
The ersatz patriotism dresses up, but does not entirely obscure, the incomprehensibility of the unwieldy structure beneath, which is held together with bicycle chain.