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Erskine had discreetly slipped away, and was in the road, tightening a screw in his bicycle.
She was leaving me this week-end, and I had got a trap to take her to the station, but I was so uneasy in my mind that I followed her on my bicycle.
It is part of the settled order of Nature that such a girl should have followers," said Holmes, he pulled at his meditative pipe, "but for choice not on bicycles in lonely country roads.
The bicycle explains the disappearance of the murderer's big foot-prints," I said.
continued the young reporter, showing us the ground where it had been disturbed by big and heavy heels; "the man seated himself there, and took off his hobnailed boots, which he had worn only for the purpose of misleading detection, and then no doubt, taking them away with him, he stood up in his own boots, and quietly and slowly regained the high road, holding his bicycle in his hand, for he could not venture to ride it on this rough path.
If we had a bicycle here, we might demonstrate the correctness of the young man's reasoning, Monsieur Robert Darzac.
A few yards behind, Meekins had alighted from his bicycle and was standing waiting.
In front of them, underneath the terrace, was a little iron gate, held open now by Meekins, who had gone on ahead and dismounted from his bicycle.
The big gates had long been shut, but you can manoeuvre a bicycle through the others.
It was said that the thieves used bicycles in every case, but what is not said?
I believe that for one moment the shrewd instructor was taken in, but as I reached the steps I heard him asking his pupils whether any of them had seen any bicycles outside.
We were in the shrubbery, Raffles with his electric torch drawn and blazing, when we heard the kicking at the pantry door, and in the drive with our bicycles before man and boys poured pell-mell down the steps.
Weight lifting and 20 minutes on a stationary bicycle concluded the final portion.
Shih Yen-Shiang, Economics Minister, recently said that the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) between China and Taiwan is benefitting the local bicycle industry.