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valve with two cusps

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The unicuspid valves were the heaviest, the bicuspid valves the next heaviest, and the tricuspid aortic valves, the lightest.
Not only did the valve weights vary according to valve structure (unicuspid > bicuspid > tricuspid), but often there was variation in individual cusps among patients with bicuspid valves and among patients with tricuspid valves (15, 16).
Of unicuspid valves, 37 (30%) of 124 valves in men and 5 (11%) of 44 in women reached this weight; of bicuspid valves, 96 (18%) of 521 valves in men and 4 (2%) of 236 valves in women reached this weight (unpublished data).
Presumably the inherently abnormal flow pattern across bicuspid valves (13) and defective microfibrils within the valvular leaflets (14) lead to earlier degeneration and dystrophic calcification than in tricuspid valves.
However, echocardiography, which was standard care for all patients with suspected cases of chronic Q fever, revealed no additional congenital or bicuspid valve defects, in comparison to assessment of valvulopathy through review of medical records.