bicuspid valve

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valve with two cusps

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It is therefore important to identify those women who do have a bicuspid valve and start them on prophylactic antibiotics prior to any surgical procedure.
It is the only valve with two small flaps, known as cusps; it is therefore sometimes called the bicuspid valve.
They found out I have a bicuspid valve, which means that my heart has to work harder.
Among these cases, risk factors or autopsy findings included bicuspid valve abnormalities, cardiac hypertrophy, idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis, unexplained increase in or toxic amphetamine level, and a heart murmur.
The occurrence of MVP in patients with the more common congenital aortic valvular anomaly, the bicuspid valve, has been described previously.
In that editorial he asked a simple question, "How does a congenitally bicuspid valve open and close during the two phases of the cardiac cycle?
The congenitally bicuspid valve, however, is infrequently stenotic at birth but becomes stenotic as calcific deposits form on the aortic aspects of the cusps (8).