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Synonyms for picometer

a metric unit of length equal to one trillionth of a meter

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amp;uot;Customers such as Kodak, Perkin Elmer, Cintel International, Bicron, Abbot, Optos, the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), Applied Materials and Becton Dickinson have purchased or are evaluating LAAPD products for use in their next-generation systems.
Critical CaF2 homogeneity and purity specifications and required low levels of strain birefringence are manufacturing challenges being met by Schott and Bicron.
Saint-Gobain has conducted research, development, and production and business operations out of a campus of buildings in Newbury since acquiring Bicron Corporation, in 1990.
Ansoft users representing General Motors (Delphi Electronics and Packard Electric), Automatic Switch, Hi-Stat Manufacturing, Rostra Precision Controls, Bicron Electronics, and Virginia Power Electronics Center participated in beta-site training and testing.
1973, when the Sixth Circuit rendered its decision in Bicron.
70) Significantly, unlike the court in Painton, the court in Bicron did
With the conflicting decisions and reasoning of Bicron and Painton,