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convex on both sides

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Biconvex lenses offer larger lens diameters, particularly in the lower power range and if the patient requires stronger magnification, then an aspheric lens will reduce weight and thickness while controlling distortion and aberrations.
Part 5 1 lot a body with a hydrophobic surface treated, biconvex.
Central leaf narrowly biconvex, apex acute, margins meeting at ca.
The proband exhibited biconvex deformity with anterior beaking of the vertebral bodies, but platyspondyly was not evident.
Medium to large biconvex trochospiral test with 5-6 wedge-shaped chambers in the final whorl.
The in-line sensor was tested under full process conditions (that is, temperature, humidity and pressure) using production-scale tablet batches (175 kg) of biconvex tablets (10 mm diameter, 360 mg), which consisted of direct-compressed lactose monohydrate (Meggle, Germany).
0% structural proteins, is a transparent biconvex body covered by the capsule (1).
The cuticle above each stemma usually forms a biconvex corneal (cuticular) lens exterior to the crystalline cone and the various stemmatal sensory components of the cranial interior (5), (6).
These authors observed cuticular lenses, which are often biconvex, contrasting with the simple uniconvex lens of Stylocellus.
A reputed amber bead necklace consisting of around 60 short biconvex to lentoid beads and various other putative amber objects from the tomb of Tutankhamun (Hood 1993), roughly contemporary with the latest phase of use of the Royal Tomb at Qatna, may hint at the high prestige value that was attributed to the material in Egypt at this time.
High signal and biconvex morphology that mimics a chronic partial tear or tendinosis may persist indefinitely.
Antigonambonites planus is a finely costate, biconvex to slightly convexoconcave, relatively large and thick-shelled polytoechiid brachiopod, without a functional pedicle (Popov et al.