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concave on both sides

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The body of L2 vertebra had a biconcave shape, while the changes in L3 vertebra pointed to the crash fracture.
These observations were made before the era of modern microscopy - although indeed Hodgkin used an early microscope and described the biconcave nature of red blood corpuscles.
Figure 4F) as circular biconcave discs with a diameter of 5-10 microns.
Hb S causes erythrocytes to change their normal biconcave disc shape to a crescent or sickle shape during various stresses of the body.
However the erythrocyte fraction that recovers the normal biconcave shape depends to the plant species.
It contains biconcave core or nuclide with two lateral bodies in each concavity.
There are poems on the still-life that lends its title to the collection, and which Jouet kept on his desk during those years, composed of a turnip, a linen napkin, and an "old man's eye" (a clear, square, biconcave lens used by landscape painters).
The virions were enveloped and measured approximately 300 nm in length and had brick-shaped nucleocapsids with a biconcave core.
Red blood ceils have a biconcave shape; you'd have a slim waist too if you took out all your guts.
The outer surface is composed of lipid and protein, which surrounds the biconcave core.
Based on lateral scans of the spine, 54 men were found to have morphometric vertebral fractures, defined by the presence of moderate and severe wedge and biconcave or compression deformities resulting in at least a 25% reduction in any vertebral height and accompanying area.
This non-specific term encompasses any distortion or disruption of the round biconcave disc morphology of a normal red blood cell.