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Guaranteed to cause comment with its unusual bicolour face consisting of incandescent blue and a bronzy-amber splotch on the lower petals.
It's a superb seed mixture with semi-double and double blooms and single and bicolours - all set off against pretty fern-like foliage.
There are many bicolours, with the upper and lower petals in contrasting colours.
Orange Prince, vivid, sunny flowers on 20 cm (8in) plants; Blue Gem with bright blue flowers; Danish Flag, red and white and Paintbox, a mixture of many bicolours.
Penstemon Victorian Mix contains a pretty mixture of penstemons in a wide range of shades of pink and some bicolours.
Of the individual varieties, Double Carousel Mixed has double flowers in shades of red, orange and white on 23cm-30cm (10in-12in) plants; Unique, slightly smaller, produces bicolours, swirls and picotee-edged petals; Bruno is very weather-resistant and has flowers of crimson, mauve, pink and white.
Of these try bright scarlet Red Peacock,or pink and white bicolours, such as Nymph and Philadiphia.
The colours may also be mixed, being seen as bicolours, blends or variegated flowers.
Now the range is immense, with miniatures, trailers, types with variegated leaves and bicolours as well as many frilled and double-flowered kinds.
The Universal series has medium-sized flowers in early winter and again in spring, in many colours, including some bicolours and some with patterned faces.
Most are easy to grow and they are available in a wide range of colours and bicolours - reds, blues, purples, pinks and white, each with a golden centre.
Of these try bright scarlet Red Peacock, or pink and white bicolours, such as Nymph and Philadiphia.
The new petunia is Cheerleader, a double-flowered grandiflora type in mixed colours including reds, pinks, purples and bicolours.
Starbright Mix is a blend of many contrasting bright colour and bicolours.
They have starred in bedding displays for hundreds of years, often in single colours and, in more recent times, in mixtures and bicolours, mostly in shades of red, pink, orange and yellow.