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For example, the stunning Moel sofa from Ligne Roset, which can be made up in gold, brown or black Catala bull-hide, Oregan hide, Divina or Coda fabrics, offers a bicolour interpretation.
This small-flowered, bicolour variety flowered prolifically, starting in June and continuing long after other lobelias had given up entirely.
Silver contour and metallic surfaces as weft as the use of bicolour are among the creativity options said to be available to designers.
Available in a wide range of colours from pale pink to deep wine red, Cornflower Classic Fantastic is a blend of the more traditional blue shades from deep royal blue to paler shades and a blue and white bicolour.
Kate Winslet, who awed everyone with her hourglass like figure at the red carpet of the Venice Film festival, had donned a colour-blocked Bicolour Octavia number created by the 40-year-old fashion designer.
The Quinny Senzz is made of an oval-shaped frame of flat tubes and a seat of soft yet dirt-resistant bicolour material in a combination of light grey and a vivid colour.
The fountain pen comes equipped with an 18-carat bicolour gold nib; the nib module and practical cartridge/converter system extend when the end of the barrel is twisted, so that the pen can be refilled or the nib changed.
95 contains one each of the rich deep purple Raven, the pink bicolour Apple-blossom, the bright blue Heavenly Blue, the red Garnet and white Snowstorm.
At 12-inches tall, it forms neat-bushy-mounds with a sheet of bicolour blooms thrown over each mound in white, with each petal washed over in a pretty, pale apricot hue.
After a sluggish previous year, exports of l8ct gold watches jumped significantly as did steel and bicolour (gold-steel) products.
An 18ct yellow gold Yachtmaster II, priced at PS29,100; a Bicolour Cosmograph Daytona, priced at PS11,250; and a Bicolour Submariner Date, priced at PS8950.
It boasts a contrasting colour for the roof line and for aerodynamic elements plus larger 17-inch bicolour alloy wheels.
This week's online offer is for 15 Bicolour Asiatic Lilies Mixed at just pounds 3.
95 has one each of the lilac and cream Sour Grapes, the pink bicolour Apple Blossom, the bright Heavenly Blue, red Garnet and white Snowstorm.
Most easily found in nurseries and garden centres is Eucomis bicolour, with green foliage and flowers, but new varieties have been introduced in the past few years.