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One of the longest flowering and tallest at around 120cm is the red and yellow bicolor Frans Hals, which is also nicely fragrant.
A cultivar with low infestations of lace bugs and in the top statistical ranking or resistant was identified for each flower colors except for 2 bicolors, white/yellow and red/yellow (Table 3).
Prized by florists as cut flowers, beardless Dutch irises (right) come in shades of purple, blue, mauve, rich brown, orange, yellow, and white, and as bicolors.
Showy daisies 5 to 7 inches wide come in rich autumn shades, including golden yellow, orange, russet, and mahogany, and as bicolors.
They bear single or multiple flowers in bicolors or pure shades (lilac, crimson, orange, yellow, cream, and white), with leaves ranging from narrow, crinkly, and blue-green to broad with maroon bands.
Reblooming irises come in every color from white to chocolate brown, including plicatas (darker stippling on a white ground), bicolors (lighter upper petals with darker contrasting lower petals), and amoenas (white upper petals and colored lower petals).
Breeders have come up with flowers in whites, reds, bicolors, improved violet shades, and double-flowered forms, and even one with no spurs at all.
Colors vary from bright jewel tones to soft pastels, including some bicolors.
Flanders field poppy usually refers to the scarlet ancestor of Shirley poppies, which are commonly white, red, pink, orange, and bicolors.
Richly colored flowers come in red, pink, yellow, cream, white, blue, purple, and bicolors on plants 8 to 27 inches tall.
Here we describe two fine yellows and a pair of bicolors.