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Delegates heard that Bicolored Apples from Europe are harvested manually and are compliant with high standards of hygiene and internal values, and are assessed for ripeness, starch, Brix and firmness.
The aim of the visit was to convince the guests that bicolored apples, despite their departure from Arabic standards, can also be tasty and a rich source of nutritients.
Vole 1 B Crocidura leucodon Bicolored white-toothed shrew 1 Mus musculus House mouse 2 C Micromys minutus Harvest mouse 1 Mus musculus House mouse 3 Myodes glareolus Bank vole 1 Microtus sp.
Using bijections between bicolored matchings and weighted Dyck paths with bicolored rises, we in fact prove equidistribution of set-valued statistics and their generating functions.
Our House Mouse sample consisted of 2 color variants: 75 (68%) were of typical uniform dark coloration and 36 (32%) were bicolored, with white on the ventral side.
Boskoop Ruby is deep crimson, Lena is bicolored red and yellow, and Apricot Gem an orange yellow.
5 cm wide, apex rounded to shortly acute, base cordate, truncate or rounded, often slightly asymmetrical, margin entire or irregularly serrate particularly on sprout leaves, blades bicolored, above dark green (turning red at senescence), opaque or slightly glossy, sparsely short glandular pubescent with or without additional eglandular whitish hairs, rarely glabrescent, the veinlets raised forming small areoles that give an irregular aspect to the minutely papillous surface, lower surface of blade creamy to ochroleucous because a dense and uniform indument of short, tightly and irregularly curled hairs hides the surface, often also with glandular hairs 0.
On Jupiter itself, the dark South Equatorial Belt--which vanished for most of 2011--had returned as of May as a bicolored pair of bands: red-brown and gray.
Green varieties generally have tangy citrus overtones, sometimes with a spicy-sweet flavor; yellow types tend to be mild and sweet; bicolored types such as Pineapple or Old German are often fruity; and black varieties such as Black Krim are complex and intense, often described as smoky and rich.
Some have orange blooms; others scarlet or bicolored.
Body bicolored, head, pronotum and elytral disc dark brown to black, elytral margins light brown (Fig.
Dozens of short vertical shafts were dug, resulting in the production of several hundred kilograms of green, blue and bicolored (red-green or blue-green) tourmaline crystals.
Indeed, one could build an entire spring garden from the early, midseason and late blooming daffodils, and you can include those that are single-colored, those bicolored and those with double blossoms.
They are bicolored with the head and mesosoma being dark brown to blackish brown and appendages, petiole, and gaster being milky white.
Columbines are typically bicolored, but the colors themselves are flat.