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The aim of the visit was to convince the guests that bicolored apples, despite their departure from Arabic standards, can also be tasty and a rich source of nutritients.
The previous Christmas the chief tabronar, Antoun, was provided with money to buy alternative clothes "becaus yat he wald nocht were reid and 3allow as his seruandis" (because he would not wear red and yellow like his servants) while the lead violer, Jakkis, was also distinguished from his bicolored colleagues "becaus his loueray Is reid" (because his livery is red).
They are bicolored with the head and mesosoma being dark brown to blackish brown and appendages, petiole, and gaster being milky white.
In Darl's earlier vision, Jewel is bicolored and somehow "wrong": "He had that wooden look on his face again; that bold, surly high-colored (25) rigid look like his face and eyes were two colors of wood, the wrong one pale and the wrong one dark" (181).
It differs from Satrapanus by the lack of eye-spots, which are present in Satrapanus, by the morphology of the female genitalia in which the spermathecae are usually lightly curved, and by the color of the carapace which is uniformly unicolored in Troglochernes, but is distinctly bicolored in Satrapanus, with the metazone paler than the remaining carapace.
Columbines are typically bicolored, but the colors themselves are flat.
The picture in terms of varieties of the 'original 11' reflects ongoing changes towards more bicolored fruit.
Summer varieties with small red, white or bicolored roots mature in three to four weeks and need frequent sowing for continuity.
The bicolored aspect of Saturn's rings is not fully understood (19, 20); however if this phenomenon is due to one side of the rings being brighter than the other, then a period of ~8 hours in Saturn's brightness can be expected.
There are six standard sizes for the rugs, from 2-by-3 to 6-by-9, ranging in price from $90 to $600, and they come in 24 designs, such as jacquard woven patterns, bicolored "bamboo" or "bark" weaves and metallic mesh basketweave styles.
Because the two streams do not mix, they form a bicolored river similar to the junction of the far-off Amazon and Negro rivers.
FOR TODAY'S edition of The $10 Gourmet, Jesse O'Reilly chose an unusual, bicolored soup and a wrap that is more hand-held salad than sandwich because it uses a green collard leaf instead of a tortilla for the wrapper.
virginianum usually has bicolored scales with a dark central stripe, the leaves tend to be widest near the middle, the spores are more than 52[micro]m, and there are less than 40 sporangiasters per sorus.
Both have a long, finely-haired tail that is usually bicolored.
A chemical produced by the South American bicolored tree frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor) could open up new possibilities for treating Alzheimer's disease and depression.