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Synonyms for bickering

a quarrel about petty points

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Legal expert Alistair Bonnington said: "The bickering doesn't augur well for the way this trial is going to be conducted.
When they're not bickering among themselves, they play chicken with rival harassment squads or recklessly chase hooligans.
Billy Grant, a medic with a gambling jones whose sleazy buddy with a heart of gold (Joe Pantoliano) has given him a clinic in the middle of his casino; they spend their days alternately bickering over medical ethics, pulling one another's fat from the fire, then making up.
Never mind if the bickering, backstabbing superstars went home losers two years in a row.
SACRAMENTO - The bickering over local government funding continued Wednesday, as Democrats and municipal officials argued the issue in a legislative hearing and Gov.
Eventually, the field will be narrowed to 14, and they'll be cozying up in a Hollywood hilltop mansion, bickering over bedrooms, taking acting classes, reliving difficult moments from their pasts and shooting little action sequences in screen tests.
We shouldn't get in the middle of a nonprofit organization and their bickering.
Tonight's episode spends much of its time bickering over who gets jurisdiction over the crime.
In addition to Dowd, ``Harvey'' also contains Dowd's panicked sister, her man-hungry daughter, a bickering doctor and nurse, and a mental institution.
In a nutshell: A half-hour of what the show does best - hilariously vindictive bickering.
Their bickering over taking sundry lovers ends in a draw until he exiles her in favor of a woman of standing who can give him a son.
On the other side, resident Oscar Garcia called on the bickering factions to settle their feud and work to improve Van Nuys.
She advises bickering couples to have an open and honest discussion with their partner about their annoying sleeping habits and find a workable solution.
Summary: Head of Lebanon's Economic Committee Adnan Kassar reiterated Monday warnings that the economy is at the mercy of political bickering and instability.
GRAHAM TAYLOR returned to Aston Villa as manager after a 12-year absence and immediately warned, "The bickering has got to stop.