biceps brachii

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a muscle that flexes and supinates the forearm

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The Biceps Brachii Part 1 Cohorts (150 mg and 200 mg pooled) generated a mean total muscle volume increase of 13.
Different authors have reported the incidence of the additional heads of the biceps brachii to be between 0.
The biceps brachii tendon functions in flexion and supination of the forearm.
The average contractile force of the biceps brachii muscle (mean muscle load) was set at 25% of the maximum voluntary isometric force.
oc muscles, followed by masseter, SCM, biceps brachii, APB, and tibialis anterior muscles.
Investigator grasped the handle and put the testing end of the probe on the central part of the biceps brachii muscle and pressed until the pressure of 2 kg was achieved.
Coracoid process is a small hooked structure located on the scapular neck that arises anteriorly and serves as attachment for the coracoacromial, coracoclavicular and coracohumeral ligament, as well as for tendons of the coracobrachial, small pectoral and short head of the biceps brachii muscle.
For proper comparisons, the RMS value (Root Mean Square) obtained for each muscle (pectoralis major, anterior deltoid, biceps brachii, and triceps brachii) was normalized to the peak values obtained relative to all exercise modes.
In terms of some of the more frequently biopsied muscles, type 2 fiber predominance would then be defined as approximately more than 55% in the biceps femoris, more than 70% in the biceps brachii, more than 73% in the vastus lateralis, and more than 59% in the deltoid.
El biceps brachii es un musculo ubicado en el compartimiento flexor del brazo, presenta dos cabezas cuyas inserciones proximates son: para la cabeza larga, el tuberculo supragtenoideo de la escapula y para la cabeza corta, el proceso coracoides de la escapula, donde comparte insercion con el musculo coracobrachiatis.
Late repair of simultaneous bilateral distal biceps brachii tendon avulsion with fascia lata graft.
The biceps brachii muscle is one of the most diverse in the human body; however, congenital absence of the long head of the biceps tendon is a rare anomaly [1-7].
The biceps brachii tendon is vital for flexion and supination of the upper extremity, and spans both the shoulder and elbow joints.
A marked reduction of activity in extensor carpi radialis brevis (44%) and biceps brachii (23%) was observed while the patient performed a gripping task with the scapula position actively corrected, compared to no correction.