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having two heads

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in an exchange with the canine that trails the likes of the bicephalous Mrs.
Glover (1992), lingling-o and bicephalous ornaments related to Sa Huynh culture (Solheim 1982-3; Loofs-Wissowa 1980-1), nephrite interrupted rings, bronze knobbed ware (Glover 1986; Bennet & Glover 1992; Bellina 1999; Bellina & Glover, forthcoming), fragments of decorated bronze bowls from Ban Don Ta Phet and Khao Jamook (Glover 1990) and glass beads (Basa 1991; Glover & Henderson 1995; Dussubieux & Gratuze 2001).
The European Parliament, elected in EU-wide elections, and the European Council (including the regular Council of Ministers), constituted by the Heads of Government or State (or responsible ministers in the appropriate Council of Ministers), are the so-called bicephalous legislative organs.
These were not slogans from street demonstrators but proclamations by the bicephalous leadership of the Bretton Woods institutions, International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Michel Camdessus and The World Bank President James Wolfensohn respectively.