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composed of two legislative bodies


consisting of two chambers

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In contrast, undoing legislative change requires further legislative change, with all the attendant difficulties of bicameralism and presentment and multiple veto gates to enable opposition.
Like the Supreme Court, modern and contemporary defenders of bicameralism have nevertheless attempted (with varying degrees of success) to present those democratic deficiencies as strengths: upper houses slow down the legislative process, avoid sudden legislative changes, protect otherwise potentially underrepresented minorities, force legislators to have second thoughts, and so on.
As the regulatory process now stands, we have transitioned from a system in which a policy had to overcome the hurdles of bicameralism and presentment before becoming law to one in which bicameralism and presentment stand as barriers to the repeal of laws drafted through agency rulemaking.
The constitutional provision imposes bicameralism as a way of structuring the Romanian legislative body.
Under the current system of perfect bicameralism, the Senate has virtually equal powers with the lower house but is elected through regional votes rather than a single national ballot.
In this article, the author reviews the history of the Senate, the fundamental principles at the heart of the Canadian system of government (federalism, bicameralism and responsible government), as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the Senate in its current form.
In relying on such an unlikely outcome, the Tea Party showed its own populist brand of impatience with the separation of powers, bicameralism, and the legislative process that the Constitution prescribes.
Thus he despised bicameralism, and rejected checks and balances in constitution-making, not because he had any real insight into how laws should be made, but because he did not.
Another type of institution that has been studied is bicameralism, regarding which Roger Congleton (2006) reports that political decisions seem to be more in line with the median voter's long-run preferences in bicameral systems.
This consensus reached not merely the republican underpinnings of the regime but also several particulars as to its form, such as bicameralism and the separation of powers.
I understand that people are very passionate and support the principles of bicameralism.
What is needed, then, for a systematic comparison of two federal systems as diverse as Canada and the EU is a conceptual framework wider than that of the American model, with its focus on constitutional fixity and legislative bicameralism, yet at the same time narrower and more principled than the MLG approach, with its lack of a normative commitment to equality built into the institutional design.
The third chapter is devoted to the monarchiens, who advocated bicameralism and the absolute royal veto during the early stages of the French Revolution.
This arguably undermines the bicameralism requirement set forth in Article I, Section 7.
919 (1983) (invalidating the legislative veto because disapproval of agency decisions required Congress to pass a bill that complies with the bicameralism and presentment requirements of Article I, section 7 of the Constitution).