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composed of two legislative bodies


consisting of two chambers

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The Senate contingent in the bicameral panel has reportedly agreed to adopt the House position and was ready to scrap the coal tax proposal.
House Deputy Speaker Miro Quimbo denied the 'deletion' of the tax exemption repeal, saying lawmakers never even agreed to the proposal raised by one senator during the bicameral conference's two-week deliberation.
This bicameral legislation will be a step forward in the march for fairness, freedom and full equality.
Senator Panfilo Lacson, chair of the Senate panel in the bicameral committee, earlier said the reconciled version of Senate Bill 1662 and House Bill 6573 strengthens the penalties for those who will be convicted of committing or covering up hazing.
So we agreed on a bicameral Congress, but it is not yet final,' said committee member and former Supreme Court Justice Antonio Eduardo Nachura.
Dominguez said the DOF may ask the President to once again certify the measure as urgent to cut its approval time in the bicameral committee.
Tinio of ACT slammed the lack of quorum during the ratification of the bicameral version of Train.
However, the Constitution of 1973 finally provided a bicameral legislature for the development of federalism.
THE Naveen Patnaik government's move to set up a Vidhan Parishad or legislative council, thus making the state legislature bicameral at a time when the state is facing a financial crunch has invited flak from the Opposition.
It has been amended twice through national referendum as well - in 1999, bicameral parliament was established, and in 2003, the term of office of the President was extended from 5 to 7 years, and allowed Emomali Rahmon, who rules the country since 1992, to stay in office until 2020.
One of the changes that we will demand is a bicameral parliament, official Albanian language, decentralization of the government from a fiscal aspect too.
In the 2011 by-elections, Sawsan Taqawi, a sports specialist, made history when she became the first Shiite woman lawmaker to make it to the lower chamber of the bicameral parliament.
An ethnic budget, a bicameral parliament, a Badinter principle of decisionmaking in the judiciary and declaring the Albanian official language in the whole territory of Macedonia are some of the issues raised by the ethnic Albanian political parties in Macedonia during the elections.
Since the beginning, some of the bigger States enjoyed bicameral legislatures consisting of both Legislative Assemblies and Legislative Councils but in course of time, some of the States opted for unicameral legislatures like West Bengal," said President Mukherjee.
16 to name three members to complete a bipartisan, bicameral committee that will develop legislation that provides $1.