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  • adj

Synonyms for bibulous

having a capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up

Synonyms for bibulous

given to or marked by the consumption of alcohol

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I realized he never had water touching his mouth in the morning due probably to bibulous factor, let alone a brush.
Exhibiting a bibulous stamina that would have impressed the bard himself, Burns's admirers at the 1846 festival roistered on until 7am.
Paid more than their British counterparts, the Canadians could be found in the best restaurants, at the theatre or in pursuit of more bibulous activities.
Oxford was a highly articulate, if at times bibulous, authoritative officer who never hesitated in his forthright views.
This at first surprised me, since Bay Ridge's bibulous population used to support many dozens of local bars.
But if ad men weren't yet as bibulous as their counterparts in the newspaper business, they weren't as industrious either.
When I first came to the United States from Ireland in the early 1900S, Americans thought of my home country as a land of green fields, bibulous peasants, and perhaps the occasional leprechaun.
The first time I met him in the bibulous atmosphere of "el Tren Negro," I noticed that he did not drink, but I only found out the reason later.
During a rather bibulous intermission Wednesday night at Mechanics Hall, someone asked a loose member of the Band of Irish Guards, in full regimental regalia, if his monstrous fur hat had a name.
From that wartime meeting in 1944 until Dad's death at the turn of the century, not a year went by without the two old friends meeting up, including many a late and bibulous sortie into the early hours at Opens various.
Reduced to selling pieces of equipment on the black market or taking part-time civilian jobs on the fortifications, the troops were driven to mutiny in 1744 when a bibulous governor neglected to lay in sufficient provisions for the winter.
Usually, the prawn sandwich brigade are a rich seam of material with their inappropriate behaviour, poor dress sense and bibulous ways.
They could easily have been British holidaymakers, especially given our deserved reputation for bibulous behaviour whilst abroad.
That Latinism would have evoked, in readers of Blackwood's Magazine, from which it comes, images of convivial evenings of shared literary, perhaps bibulous, pleasures--high cultural moments in a Scottish idiom.
Baclofen reduces ethanol intake in high-alcohol-drinking University of Chile bibulous rats.