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someone who loves (and usually collects) books

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His Auckland library reflects a sea-change he experienced, resolving the conflict between his characteristically 'Dibdinian', upper-class acquisition of bibliophilic treasure for his own enjoyment at Cape Town and his Gladstonian Liberalism, which prompted him at Auckland to collect books and manuscripts for a Free Public Library that would benefit his fellow citizens by providing opportunities for their spiritual and social advancement.
Twining sensitive, bibliophilic Nate with an unforgiving landscape of cold streams and razor-wire fences, Gabriel dramatizes the question: How does one escape from a hometown?
Hakim Syed Zillur Rahman, a great bibliophilic, philanthropist, a scholar of repute and an expert in Islamic/Unani Medicine.
Since publishing a book of his own criticism in 1990, Nammour has been pushing the bibliophilic end of the local art scene.
For bibliophilic readers of Contemporary Review, perhaps I should be more specific.
Nash's business failed in the Depression, so he cashed in on his honorary doctorate, moving to Oregon to teach, but the Grabhorns survived with loyal patrons like Albert "Micky" Bender and the Book Club of California, and the creation of the bibliophilic field of "Californiana.
In oversized coffee-table format, we have over a hundred individual titles laid out in facing-page fashion: on the upper half of the left page, there is a description of the book both as a literary work and as a bibliophilic artefact, and on the lower half, credits and description of the movie; on the right, a gorgeous full-page colour photograph of the book in an excellent-condition first edition.
5) The bibliophilic historicism performed here turns out to be in some tension with a competing dedication to fantasy role-playing in Renaissance Island--a blend of Renaissance Faire with Plimoth Plantation.
I suggested earlier that bibliophilic pilgrimage texts like Godwin's tend to collapse the subject-object distinction; when that collapse means equating the living with the dead, we see the will to establish community in its most extreme form.
In this way, the work moves beyond conjuring up a distant bibliophilic universe and affirms the importance of the book--both as object and idea--in nineteenth-century French culture.
And yet, a quick survey of Jefferson's library betrays at least a bibliophilic interest.
The motivation of Athur Giron in directing an inventively staged if barebones reading, co-sponsored by several bibliophilic societies, seems simple enough.
Pemkus, a modest and reserved man, described with a bibliophilic passion the rare items in his collection, being especially proud of publications which had perished in Lithuania.
This opportunity may not be that in the cliched role of bibliophilic treasure hunter uncovering uniquely wonderful and singular treasures of amazing illumination and fine binding--though these do exist.