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preoccupation with the acquisition and possession of books

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1) Iberian bookmen are also associated with the devil, and in fact the most notorious bibliomaniac of the entire European literary tradition is a Catalan monk, Fra Vicents, who murdered for books and in the end rejected God through a misguided privileging of matter (the book as thing) over spirit (the book as word).
This section, which ends with a predictable peripeteia (as the historical marginalization of the bibliomaniac turns into valorization) is perfectly chiseled to prepare a nineteenth-century reconfiguration of the book itself and, progres-sively, the manuscript as "monument.
Among them are <IR> THE TRIBUNE PRIMER </IR> (1882); A Little Book of Western Verse (1889); Echoes from the Sabine Farm (with his brother, Roswell Field, 1891); With Trumpet and Drum (1892); Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac (1896); and Collected Works (10 v.
In their definition of bibliomania, the compilers note that it is hard to improve upon John Carter's quip that a bibliomaniac is `a book-collector with a slightly wild look in his eye.
While this is a wonderful book for bibliomaniacs, it will not be an easy push for nonreaders.
Rather than emphasizing the damage they cause, many of the bibliophiles and bibliomaniacs in these accounts are portrayed as helpless victims, unable to resist the calling of a much-desired object.
Now there are more than a dozen bookshops and related businesses and, of course, the annual Wigtown Book Festival which attracts bibliomaniacs from far and wide, and the purpose of our trip.
John Charles Gilkey, like other bibliomaniacs, is obsessed with adding to his collection of rare books, but in his case the books have tended to come free of charge, courtesy of the sorry souls who were unlucky enough to have once handed over their credit cards to Gilkey when he worked at Saks Fifth avenue.
In the original 2000 book, Vicki Leon (the Uppity Women series) introduces the long history of women writers and bibliomaniacs before Knight (Women of the Beat Generation) profiles specific ones.
Hence, the restorers of readings, the emendators, the bibliomaniacs of all degrees" (EL 57).