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preoccupation with the acquisition and possession of books

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The far-reaching and insightful essays and reviews in Arguably, perhaps his last collection (Hitchens has been fighting advanced esophageal cancer since 2010), offer the author's take on politics (of course), foreign affairs, fiction (from Stieg Larsson's thrillers to Harry Potter to Lolita), women in comedy (his most unpopular essay ever, Hitchens reports), and the mind of a bibliomaniac, among other topics.
Story had also written on the history of printing and of book collecting (for instance, a delightful article on Richard Heber, the early nineteenth-century British bibliomaniac (9)).
While mainlanders engaged in what Martyn Lyons has described as a 'national fetish for literary commemorations', including the key event of the annual Shakespeare Day to celebrate the bard's birthday, Sticht signalled his enthusiasm locally through the promotion of the local Penghana Shakespeare Club, and in his usual bibliomaniac way.
In their definition of bibliomania, the compilers note that it is hard to improve upon John Carter's quip that a bibliomaniac is `a book-collector with a slightly wild look in his eye.
Now there are more than a dozen bookshops and related businesses and, of course, the annual Wigtown Book Festival which attracts bibliomaniacs from far and wide, and the purpose of our trip.
John Charles Gilkey, like other bibliomaniacs, is obsessed with adding to his collection of rare books, but in his case the books have tended to come free of charge, courtesy of the sorry souls who were unlucky enough to have once handed over their credit cards to Gilkey when he worked at Saks Fifth avenue.