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preoccupation with the acquisition and possession of books

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40) Ina Ferris, 'Book Fancy: Bibliomania and the Literary Word', Keats-Shelley Journal, 58 (2009), 33-52.
Esta bibliomania que se relata en primera persona en Arquitectura .
Bibliography is a strange concern, perhaps a necessary offshoot from bibliomania or the less severe bibliophilia.
La bibliomania, asi como la difusion de una verdadera "fiebre lectora," forma parte, como apunta Karin Littau, de "un malaise cultural mas vasto, vinculado especificadamente a la modernidad: la sobrestimulacion sensorial" (23).
No obstante el libro siguio desempenando un papel fundamental en el ambito cortesano, y la estrecha relacion de la dimension regia con la cultura escrita siguio pro duciendo excelentes frutos dentro y fuera de palacio (59), a pesar de que la necia bibliomania se instalo en una sociedad que gustaba de cultivar las apariencias, algo que por otra parte a dia de hoy no nos resulta muy lejano.
Thus Owen points out that" resentment flows just beneath the surface: she implicitly compares her husband's passion for collection to the bibliomania of Emperor Yuan of the Liang and Emperor Yang of the Sui, both exemplars of bad government its dire consequences, both representatives of destructive distortions of value" (Remembrance 98).
The practice of extra-illustration, a type of bibliomania, expresses one pre-Modernist response to this tension.
A la misma familia de biblos pertenecen: bibliofilia, bibliofilo, bibliografia, bibliografo, bibliologia, bibliomania, bibliopola y biblioteca cuya significacion se encuentra en el Diccionario de la Lengua Espanola, y en el Diccionario de la literatura, de Sainz de Robles.
Matilda's obsession with the book is not far from bibliomania, although it remains beneficial as a protective fetishistic response to the surrounding horror.
Is the probation officer to become a censor who determines that [the defendant] may read the New York Times online, but not the version of Ulysses at Bibliomania.
14) Henry Oxinden's acquisition of playbooks for his library shows a distinct preference for first editions--"a modern form of bibliomania, hardly to be looked for in the seventeenth century"--with the only apparent duplicates two copies of The Spanish Tragedy, one dated 1615 (the first edition with the woodcut illustration) and the other undated.
She dips into the history of bibliomania and provides vignettes of other characters, but mostly the book is an account of two men and the author's experiences in getting to know them.
If there were such a thing as an effluvium of bibliomania, someone brought up in the suburbs of Ferguson, Sir William Dixson and Dr Leslie Cowlishaw (3) could be thought to be dangerously--and deliciously--exposed to it.
I'm a poor man with an expensive taste for rare books, a gentleman of lean purse, as a writer of an earlier century would put it, and a bibliophile rapidly on the path to bibliomania and moral decay.
La bibliomania es, pues, enfermedad de los impostores.