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the worship of the Bible

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Still active in Chesterton's time and not extinct in our own, bibliolatry involved a sterile confrontation with an equally literal-minded atheism, like that of James Turnbull in The Ball and the Cross.
This is the sort of flat-earth bibliolatry that gives Christianity a bad name.
An aside: The fact that the devil also knows the scriptures should give us some cause for concern over the popular bibliolatry of our age.
Frank Turner observed that "Just as the piety and bibliolatry of Evangelicalism had bred the honest doubter in matters of religion, so also .
While advocating a Bible-centred church the bishop warns against the dangers of bibliolatry and biblicism.
With these, however, arise some dangers: "a fixation upon peripheral and nonessential matters," (86) inclination toward a sectarian mentality, "a tendency to present too, limited a view of the salvation that is found in Jesus Christ," and bibliolatry.
But we can still have reservations about the repercussions of so much high-level bibliolatry.
Those who feel, by the use of such weighted words as "obscurantists," repristination, snake handlers, bibliolatry, mechanical inspiration, and so forth, that they have adequately and finally disposed of the whole movement, are themselves hardly giving thereby evidence of real learning or competent scholarship.