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a list of writings with time and place of publication (such as the writings of a single author or the works referred to in preparing a document etc

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Better Dead continued to live on bibliographically in a sort of ghostlike state.
Although the size of a " 16mo" print book, these are bibliographically "quartos" ("4[degrees] quired in 8s") but produced from full skins cut into quarters.
Newspaper Sofia 1 1 6 "Tsarigradski vestnik" Newspaper Sofia 1 1 7 "Tsarigradski vestnik" Contemporary Sofia 2 2 7 newspapers Contemporary Rila Mnt 1 1 4-5 newspapers Contemporary Sofia 2 2 6 newspapers Glavcheva Not in BG (1999, 2004) Contemporary Sofia 2 2 6 newspapers Watzof (1902), Shumen 11 7 7 Hepites (1893), Tzonchev (1934) 0 Contemporary Ihtiman 5 4 6-7 newspapers, in Watzof (1902) (1) The sources noted are bibliographically listed in the References specific to Annex 2 * Io notes epicentral intensity; [I.
Aboriginal Literatures, Stories, and Languages is particularly interested in discussing and bibliographically recording orature and literature in or using Aboriginal Englishes, creoles, pidgins and native tongues in order to encourage their cultural and political roles in maintaining or reawakening the languages.
Overall, he seeks to fill out a "Readerly Shakespeare" (10), a writer both biographically and bibliographically concerned with the achievement as well as the experience of having his plays read.
In this section, I will advance the idea that reading "My First Novels (there were two)" bibliographically reveals Cather's participation in a unique form of memory making: one that sought to inscribe authorial debut in a consecrated, material state.
Two medical literatures that are logically but not bibliographically connected.
Feldhaus includes a brief introduction to the broader religious landscape but contributes most substantially by inserting helpful subheadings throughout the text and providing more bibliographically detailed endnotes than the original.
While he displays his habitually intimidating erudition here, his bibliographically sparse style also opens itself to the same criticisms of historical 'cherry-picking' that have been leveled at Foucault.
Mr Abdul Ahad, in his letter in the December Journal (120(6), 374 (2010)) described his search, conducted bibliographically, for the double star with the greatest colour contrast.
19) This is exactly what happens in Vannini's volume: an erudite, bibliographically rich and philosophically deep, but also a little too dogmatic, treatment.
Here, in concise chapters supported with bibliographically thickened endnotes, are introductory revisionist discussions by such established scholars as John Hedley Brooke (Myth 25), ASA Fellow Edward B.
Each author is outlined both biographically and bibliographically and also located contextually.
One early treatment of the link between group conflict and radically shifting policy in Argentina that is ignored entirely in this otherwise fairly complete bibliographically supported work is that of Marcelo Diamand (in "El pendulo argentino: [?
Directly addressing the relative scope of the collection would make this book bibliographically more useful.
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