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a list of writings with time and place of publication (such as the writings of a single author or the works referred to in preparing a document etc

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The author's objection was not to republication but to grouping the story bibliographically with his other works:
Indeed, Erne's study is throughout enriched by the work of a new generation of bibliographically inclined scholars, including, in addition to Farmer and Lesser, Sonia Massai, Adam Hooks, and Tiffany Stern.
reader-conflation is bibliographically questionable is less relevant to
His methods (careful historicism, bibliographically informed close reading, well-turned prose) are traditional in the best sense, but his points are groundbreaking: far from being cashiered by the steam press (the myth of "Print Culture's Promethean Dawn" [p.
Seen as a regulative idea, the "work" retains its function as a pragmatic agreement for organizing our remembered experiences of reading documents that are closely related bibliographically and for delimiting the relevance of documents being investigated for their relevance to an editing project: for an edition of the "work.
The second and third "editions" of Poems Descriptive are in fact separate "issues" but originate in a single print run of 2,000 copies and so, bibliographically speaking, are a single edition.
Bibliographically, Neville is in control of the primary sources as well as the modern scholarship.
It was not until 1951, with the publication of Peter Alexander's bibliographically much more advanced one-volume edition that the Globe began to be displaced.
This is not an early modern studies I recognize, however much it might once have, textually, bibliographically, and theoretically, described the Renaissance.
Moreover, the treatment of ascent themes in Jewish literature is not as bibliographically up-to-date as it might have been: it mentions the 1993 book of Martha Himmelfarb but neglects more recent challenges to Himmelfarb's work, such as Seth Sanders's 1999 Johns Hopkins dissertation and the latest work of Michael Stone.
Consequently, the precise relationship between mind (cognitive faculty) and worldview (religious or transcendental vision of reality) remains obscure, and this obscurity is subsequently compounded in his cursory and bibliographically vacuous account of the rise and function of worldviews and the various cognitive structures, processes and functions constituting them.
was originally composed in 1966, in German, and has now been translated and bibliographically updated for this collection.
The blurb on the back cover makes the obligatory mention that Yang's "work was banned in China in 1983, and he has since lived in exile," although this is both biographically and bibliographically obfuscating.
Neville Historical Chemical Library Includes 400 Titles Unique Among 45,000 Libraries Around the World; More Than 4,500 Titles Are Now Bibliographically Searchable Online
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