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relating to or dealing with bibliography

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Knight prepared the first part himself, considerably expanding the description of life editions from his earlier bibliographical lists, and including posthumous editions, literary criticism, and even a short list of parodies (Knight 1896, 8:329-79).
I give, devise, and bequeath to the Bibliographical Society of Canada the sum of--which shall be hem by the Society as an endowment, the income from said endowment to be used for such of the Society's purposes as its Council in its discretion may determine.
If only the bibliographical data that Gray provides on these areas is taken into account, it becomes clear that he has been tremendously successful in producing a guide that significantly updates the existing resources, particularly the two major ones mentioned above.
This edition also shares with the first an "Appendix on Textual Notation" and a section on "Reference Bibliography" but differs in helpfully including an extensive "Glossary of Bibliographical and Textual Terms.
Scientific journals are the principal means of bibliographical research and publication of scientific research (Arenas, Garcia, & Espasandin, 2001; Campos, 2003; Tahai & Meyer, 1999; Vilhena & Crestana, 2002), because they present the main results of investigations and constitute inputs for new ones (Romancini, 2004).
Deals with the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) injury decision-making process; examines temporary emergency measures available to Canadian producers faced with a surge in low-priced imports; provides information on Canadian law, procedures and the role of the CITT in considering safeguard measures; includes bibliographical references.
Enhanced with an appendix ("Quantum Relations Theory: A Brief Overview"), extensive bibliographical references, and a comprehensive index, Remapping Knowledge is very strongly recommended for college and university reference collections and supplemental reading lists.
The latter is a solid piece of work although Butler here and there inevitably repeats the bibliographical materials appended to some of the other essays in the Guide.
The introduction provides context, bibliographical references throughout invite more research, and court cases and issues are surveyed.
Six 'Environmental Disasters' titles in a colorful, contemporary series are geared for grades 5 and up each offer 48 pages of historical background which blends timelines and facts with maps, diagrams, photos, and web site and bibliographical references to provide well-rounded coverages.
A Bibliography Of American County Histories is justifiably considered to be a standard bibliographical reference.
Further, a bibliographical essay detailing where one might find the complete sources would have been helpful.
Although there is a list of contents there is no list of sources which means that readers cannot look up the bibliographical information regarding the selections.
Each 16-page edition includes commentary, news, full bibliographical references and links to full-text documents and related materials.
It contains 13 chapters, is fully indexed, and contains bibliographical references at the end of each chapter.
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