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book list


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a list of writings with time and place of publication (such as the writings of a single author or the works referred to in preparing a document etc

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Dust-jackets remained step children of bibliographers for many decades, with intermittent recording of dust-jacket attributes beginning in the 1930s.
In each case, previously unknown biographical information about the actors named in the Folio text can be used as evidence to either support or challenge the narratives created by bibliographers.
Like virtually everyone up to that point, I had seen the debate in terms of the two starkest extremes in the imagining of the Shakespearean "author"--the writerly/reader-focused extreme implicitly championed by the New Bibliographers, and the theater-centric extreme represented by Wells and Taylor.
Some Bibliographers might quibble at it being described as a 'Bibliography' although this term is used in the popularly accepted term as a 'list of books'.
If so, then bibliographers could exploit that rate to date documents relative to those with known publication dates.
Bibliographers are the unsung heroes of scholarship--doing half of our research for us, making it easy for other scholars to find our publications.
Bibliographers and specialist librarians are unsung heroes.
Loewenstein does a particularly impressive job of placing his work alongside book historians like Eisenstein and Johns without losing sight of what earlier bibliographers like Greg and Pollard had achieved.
Bibliographers get a free copy, however, so people could consider volunteering as I am.
The national summary of old printed books described de visu is a pride of Hungary, and Spain and Poland possess indexes created by the great effort of the bibliographers of the old school.
Bibliographers, of course, like rarities and complex technical problems, but Bewick is about more than variants and issues, and the Cherryburn books, often in their beautiful (and now very fragile) original coloured paper wrappers, are in every way wholly delightful.
And second, this has been the period in which, not by coincidence, automation began to be introduced swiftly--often, all too swiftly--into libraries, initially as a cost-saving strategem and then, increasingly, as an alternative to the long-accepted but expensive standard practices and services, such as original cataloging or collection-building by means of professional bibliographers, among other possible examples.
Though Todd and Bowden always acknowledge earlier bibliographers of
It seems to have escaped the watchful eye of other bibliographers and historians as well, but thanks to Burton's monumental efforts it can now be consulted in a reliable edition.
Helped by a team of eminent bibliographers, he proposed a scheme of seventy-eight practices, which he illustrated with examples.