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someone trained in compiling bibliographies

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One bibliographer in the juvenile arena imaginatively used successive publisher addresses found within books to identify edition priorities.
The means of locating many titles were online library catalogs, with a fortunate break coming to the bibliographer in the form of a book list provided by the Jazzinstitut Darmstadt.
Six years passed and then on 25 November 1986 the distinguished bibliographer, Ian McLaren, delivered the third Ferguson Lecture on bibliographical questions about the output of the poet Henry Kendall.
She worked in LA for 12 years too, as a librarian and bibliographer.
14) Gaw was not really a New Bibliographer per se, but he was clearly influenced by New Bibliographic ideas about what 'foul papers' and 'prompt books' were supposed to be like.
She is widely known as the premier bibliographer of Ellul, who left behind a huge volume of material--much of it totally disorganized and scattered.
Some of these date to when science fiction bibliographer and scholar Neil Barron worked there.
The playbill was found by Elaine Hoag, a rare books bibliographer at the Library and Archives Canada , in a scrapbook in their collection.
THIS ACCOMPLISHED FIRST NOVEL by a bibliographer of Canadian lesbian fiction is classified by the publisher as a "lesbian mystery.
Cordery (web bibliographer for the National First Ladies Library in Canton, Ohio) "Historic Photos Of Theodore Roosevelt" is a fittingly pictorial biographic presentation of a remarkable man whose political policies, ideas, and influence are still resonating in American culture today.
Scholars and dancers interested in the various forms of seasonal display dances are fortunate to have such a skilled bibliographer as Mike Heaney counted among their number and looking out for their interests.
2 of JPAS has been added to the archive (via special page retrieval by Esmeralda Kale, the Bibliographer of Africana at the Northwestern University Library, thank you Esmeralda Kale).
DeFazio III for seventeen years of service to Hemingway scholarship as our bibliographer.
As the volume in hand readily attests, Murlin Croucher, who served as the Slavic Studies Area Bibliographer of Indiana University for twenty-six years, from 1980 until his recent retirement, was--and remains
Filby (a world-renowned scholar, bibliographer, cryptologist, and genealogist) is once again available.