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A 'Tea-pot Tempest': The Chap-Book, 'Ephemeral Bibelots,' and the Making of the Modern Little Magazine" Journal of Modern Periodical Studies 1.
Catalogue illustre des objets mis en vente Les oeuvres d'art, bibelots, meubles et tapis en soie seront dans leur ecrasante majorite vendus au plus offrant.
At the end of the night, the guests were offered some dessert and cake and given bibelots in the shape of a whirling dervishas a gift.
Adjacent to the sleeping area, with its exquisitely-appointed four-poster bed, is an intimate private library, with plenty of shelves for books and bibelots, and a pair of cushioned club chairs for late-night reading and relaxing.
Also on display, ready-to-wear items, leather and footwear, plastic products as well as bibelots, gifts, decoration items, handicrafts, ceramics and so on.
Isto significava decifrar o universo citadino em suas manifestacoes simbolicas aparentemente secundarias, irrelevantes--arquiteturas, tipos sociais, interiores burgueses, bibelots, praticas de jogo e de prostituicao, a fim de interpretar adequadamente o estado da cultura na epoca de uma modernidade em processo de expansao.
5) Dans sa nouvelle "Une aventure parisienne," Maupassant utilise encore le topos de l'inconnue: une jeune provinciale mariee vient a Paris, et reconnait un ecrivain celebre dans un magasin de bibelots.
Veblen takes note of how such time is actually occupied, namely in ostentatiously silly occupations that nevertheless retain a veneer of "ostensible use" or purpose: collecting rare editions or bibelots, cultivating some ancient sport, devoting generous attention to dress and manners.
El diario limpiar los mismos rincones, las mismas repisas y mesitas de bibelots y quisicosas coleccionadas en decadas de humildes pretensiones le daba un placer y justificacion que opacaban toda otra ocupacion e intereses.
He did not have--could not have--the same drawing power as David Herbert, surrounded in his villa by furniture and bibelots from Wilton House, nor was he so feline.
She collected items from neighbors and culled them from her own cupboards and closets: vases, clocks, cereal bowls, bibelots, tissue-paper roses, half-empty perfumes, an army cot, a pair of boxing gloves, used paper dolls, typewriters, skirts, coats, worn but wearable nylon slips.
After 1900, Tiffany's firm ventured into jewelry, pottery, bibelots and exquisite stained glass lamps, including the most famous Dragonfly, Wisteria, Peacock and Cherry Blossom.
While I confess that the sight of Baywatch babes in skimpy bikinis with their bibelots bouncing hither and yon can still set my elderly pulses racing, how the hell did it ever become an Olympic sport?
She regrets her spontaneous invitation the moment it is out of her mouth, fearing, with increasing agitation, that Sami, the school drug-dealer, might get drunk, break or steal the precious bibelots, even piss on the carpet.