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For more information on Bibelot Interiors, e-mail Bibelotlnc@aol.
Saisselin, The Bourgeois and the Bibelot (New Brunswick, 1984), chapters 2 and 3.
She clashes with her husband, resents being for him only un beau bibelot, and flatly refuses to walk over fire as an offering to the gods to save their child, as he asks her to do.
In addition to Burgess's terms, fad magazine and fadazine, this new and unusual print phenomenon went by other names like freak magazine, fadlet, ephemeral, and bibelot, including, occasionally, the term now more commonly used, little magazine.
ANKARA, Mar 30, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday sent a letter to 9-year-old student Lara who sent "White Peace Pigeon" bibelot and a peace message to him with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Innumerable opportunities abound to find the perfect bibelot, gift or sample that can be turned into the next big item.
Suarez, a former star of Ballet Nacional de Cuba, fashioned the Russian Variation from Swan Lake, Act III, into an endearing bibelot, carefully academic and brightened by the folkloric.
Rice's tour for "Memnoch the Devil" will bring her to the following locations where she will be autographing copies of her novel: Barnes & Noble Astor Place, New York, July 24; Unabridged Books, Chicago, July 26; Bibelot, Baltimore, July 29; Oxford, Atlanta, July 31; Crossroads Market, Houston, August 2; Borders, Dallas, August 4; Books-a-Million, Birmingham (AL), August 5; Lemuria, Jackson (MS), August 6; Joseph Beth, Lexington, August 18; Library Limited, St.
The products are also featured at boutiques and educational stores such as Bibelot, Bananas Children's Shop, Lakeshore Learning Materials and available online.
Ce dernier et ses collegues occupent les lieux tout au long de l'annee au grand bonheur des visiteurs de Tipasa qui trouvent ici qui un bibelot de souvenir qui un service de poterie qu'on peut negocier a des prix plus au moins abordables.
ANKARA, Mar 30, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday signed a photograph that would be sent to a 9-year-old student, Lara, who made the "white pace pigeon" bibelot and sent it to Erdogan with Merkel.
Other current and recent clients of Keen include Arthur Andersen, Bibelot, Big V Holdings, Country Home Bakers, Fleming, Merry Go Round, Spiegel, Valu Food and Warnaco.
In a phrase such as aboli bibelot d'inanite sonore (loosely translated, "abolished trifle of vapid sound"), Mallarme negates the meaning of words that themselves seem void and trifling.
Sans etre une obligation sociale, rapporter un bibelot du pays s'apparente au devoir de partager les privileges d'un sejour armenien.
Stores participating in this program include Atticus, Bibelot, Bookshop Santa Cruz, Boulder Books, Harvard Bookstore, Kepler's, Northshire Bookstore, Page One Books, Powell's, Prairie Lights, Harry W.