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having two axes

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They used conventional lubricated squeezing flow to measure biaxial viscosity with strain rates ranging from 0.
The installation of E'GRID Biaxial Geogrids increases the shearing resistance of soil and is applicable with any type of mechanical fill material for surface roads or rails, and including embankment, slope and pavement applications.
1, a it is assumed that for a crack with an inclination [phi] under biaxial tensile loading conditions, there is no friction effect at the crack surface.
Biaxial positioning of the panel via the step motors (azimuth and elevation) Measurement of:
Keywords: discrete element method, visco-elastic granular media, biaxial test, compacting of particles.
Keywords : Hydroxyapatite, biaxial flexural strength, FTIR
Until recently, strain specialists have focused on what they refer to as biaxial strain, created by growing high-quality layers of strained material across entire wafers.
Keywords: apparatus; biaxial test; latex; mechanical properties; nonlinear material; pulmonary hypertension; rat pulmonary artery.
Made from biaxial plastics with a steel reinforcing ring in its base, the ACTIV shell didn't need to be resized when reloaded, and its crimp was strong and long lived.
The manufacture of plastic films represents a very large segment of the plastics industry and constitutes the major application area taking advantage of molecular orientation, Biaxial orientation is particularly important in films, where it allows one to produce thinner films having superior mechanical, optical, and barrier properties, and, if required, the ability to shrink when reheated.
ADS), the world's largest producer of corrugated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, announced today the addition of eleven Geogrid reinforcement products - six Biaxial and five Uniaxial, each available in different strengths and load bearing properties to meet the needs of a specific project.
The contracting authority buys a towing vehicle mounted with a fuel (the container) and a biaxial olds and three-axial semi-trailers with a trailer full of one truck, which consists of the truck and the fuel tank permanently installed in accordance with Appendix 3 specification.
For wet-formed processes, the FG710S employs special infrared filter techniques to measure the oil content in PE battery film during the entire process, beginning with the wet cast film and after the first biaxial stretching.
To observe the effect of biaxial compressive stress on forming surface modulation on polymer thin films while fracturing, we investigate tensile-FIS patterning on polymer films using 20:1 (length:width) long-rectangular polymer thin films with the thickness much less than the width of the films.
The topics include a flaw classification for flexible copper clad-laminated sheets, the effect of tool geometry on the strength of friction stir spot welded aluminum alloys, an experimental study on the minimum quantity of lubrication in mechanical micromachining, contouring performance improvement in biaxial motion control systems using friction and disturbance compensations, the performance analysis of magnetic hydrodynamic tilted bearings with surface roughness, and a computational model for high speed trains running on a railway structure including derailment during an earthquake.