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having two axes

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The balloon style biaxial failure has had some success when special molded sheets of elastomer are constructed wherein a thick clamping ring is molded into the elastomer membrane to allow a strain transition at the gripping region.
1, a it is assumed that for a crack with an inclination [phi] under biaxial tensile loading conditions, there is no friction effect at the crack surface.
Their work is particularly relevant because they first consider a general bianisotropic medium (with biaxial permittivity and permeability tensors), and then apply the properties of left-handed materials.
The nanocomposite pellets produced above were then processed via the following routes: compression moulding, compression moulding followed by biaxial stretching and blown film extrusion.
This paper presents a circuit design for measurement of forces in biaxial area which is used for evaluation of speed and direction of wind.
Biaxial Birefringence - Model materials with biaxial birefringent properties such as thin-film coatings.
The Puncture resistance test method imparts a biaxial stress to determine the resistance of film to the penetration of a probe at a single constant test speed of 250mm/min.
Researchers at Tufts University are using the company's biaxial testing machine to test biological and engineered biocompatible materials for the development of the world's first soft-bodied robot.
A Zwick Roell biaxial testing machine is being used to characterise isotropic and anisotropic elastomers and is helping the researchers to model the behaviour of the material.
El objetivo del presente estudio es aportar evidencias de validez del Test para la Evaluacion de la Calidad de Vida en Adictos a Sustancias Psicoactivas (TECVASP), un test disenado para medir la calidad de vida relacionada con la salud (CVRS) especifico para drogodependientes, en el marco teorico del modelo biaxial de la adiccion.
This biaxial flat slab structural system using recycled plastic bubbles as void formers radically reduces the amount of concrete needed for reinforced concrete slabs.
Numerical simulation of the compacting of particles for the biaxial compression test using the discrete element method is presented.
5 CRecon) were tested in the Instron 8874 Biaxial Mechanical Testing System in both cantilever bending and torsion.
The measurements were taken on pipe samples subjected to uniaxial and biaxial loading at three different temperatures.
Until recently, strain specialists have focused on what they refer to as biaxial strain, created by growing high-quality layers of strained material across entire wafers.