radial tire

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pneumatic tire that has radial-ply casing

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Yet Goodyear officials also announced three major long-term contracts for its bias-ply tires -- with FedEx Corp.
Radial tires don't wear out as quickly as bias-ply tires and therefore cause less pollution per mile from particulate matter.
The company's bias-ply tires dominate NASCAR's All-Pro circuit, which includes stops at such tracks as Louisville Motor Speedway and the Winchester Speedway in Indiana.
Only the treads of bias-ply tires can go into mats.
During the 1970s, the industry was revolutionized when bias-ply tires were replaced by radial-ply tires.
Carlisle Tire & Wheel is an industrial component company that manufactures small bias-ply tires as well as stamped and roll-formed wheels used on lawn and garden equipment, golf cars, recreational vehicles and boat and utility trailers for both OEMs and the replacement market.
2) The stampings market is limited by the ongoing decline in the number of bias-ply tires, but in spite of this is experiencing continued growth.
When radial tires are unavailable, Good advises users to consider bias-ply tires for rear axle positions.
So if your trailer still has bias-ply tires, when one tire needs replacing, replace them all with radial tires.
The company re-uses 100% of the steel-belted tires that come into its facility and about 90% of the bias-ply tires.
The company works closely with aircraft manufacturers to develop and qualify radial and bias-ply tires for new aircraft.