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occurring or payable twice each year

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The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) announced that it will review biannually rather than annuallythe stocks of listed specialised companies and assess whether or not they are eligible and meet thecriteriaset by the EGX.
Gitex Shopper, the Middle East's largest consumer IT and electronics show, will run biannually from 2013, Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) announced on Friday.
The bank asserted a check of any age could be honored and that stop payment orders had to be refiled biannually.
Organiser, local artist Mary Cunnah, hopes the event to be held biannually will bring people to beautiful Tanat Valley.
The forum also recommended holding this event biannually, the next to be hosted by the United Arab Emirates.
The KCCI board is made up of 24 members who serve four-year terms; half of the members have to be elected biannually.
After all, recipients of so-called honours granted biannually by Queen Elizabeth of England still call themselves this or that "of the Order of the British Empire", notwithstanding that she is not - and never has been - Empress of anywhere.
The industrialists' conference is hosted biannually by a member-state in rotation.
The India-Japan Dialogue on Africa is now an institutionalized event held biannually.
Corcoran Sunshine's Open House Weekend has been held biannually since 2008.
The Arab-European Forum is an international event held biannually.
It is worth mentioning that the Arab-European Forum is an international event held biannually.
The BOJ issues the report biannually and conducts a midterm review after three months.
The Fischer Black Prize is awarded biannually to a financial economist under age 40 for a body of original research that is relevant to finance practice as exemplified by the research of the late Fischer Black, the co-author of the seminal Black-Scholes option pricing model and other highly original contributions.
Participants underwent annual HIV testing, and detailed information on sexual risk behaviour was collected biannually.