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a gold coin of the Byzantine Empire

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A real estate investment trust, Apartment Investment and Management Company's (Aimco) (NYSE:AIV) chairman and chief executive officer, Terry Considine revealed on Thursday that John Bezzant has been promoted as executive vice president (EVP) and chief investment officer.
Kimmel, Matula and Bezzant will report directly to Aimco's Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Terry Considine.
Real estate investment trust Apartment Investment and Management Company (Aimco) (NYSE:AIV) revealed on Monday that it has promoted Keith Kimmel, Dan Matula and John Bezzant to executive vice president with immediate effect.
Randolph Bezzant Holmes (1888-1973), a professional photographer and filmmaker, spent a career in the North-West Frontier documenting the frequent conflicts and skirmishes there, producing some of his best work covering the 3rd Afghan War in 1919.
Brett Bezzant, who publishes the New Utah papers in three cities, says some committee members insisted that "Utahans are not looking at newspapers for their news anymore and that newspapers have outserved their purpose.
As customers' requirements and geographical positions become more diverse, Cadcentre is leading the way with a flexible pricing solution that allows customers to gain access to Cadcentre applications anytime, anywhere," said Mike Bezzant, Cadcentre International's President of Global Sales and Customer Services.
Other members of the international board are: Bill Rucci (Chairman); Alan Bezzant (CEO); Tom Donovan (North America); Laurence Newman (EMEA); James Ngai (Asia-Pacific); and Daniel Ryba (Latin America).
Naomi Davies, Royal Bank of Scotland; Mark Young, BDO; Jenny Feeney, Royal Bank of Scotland; Chris Stride, Royal Bank of Scotland Mark Kenyon, Barclays; Dan French, Squire Sanders Hammonds; John Bezzant, Barclays Back: Simon Ling, BDO; Simon Turner, Royal Bank of Scotland Invoice Finance; Nick Littleford, Barclays Sales Finance; Devinder Singh, Squire Sanders Hammonds.
Intergraph has made it easy for HP customers to operate in mixed environments by eliminating the need for evaluation software upgrades, providing 30-days free support and offering access to Intergraph's rich integration expertise," said Mike Bezzant, vice president, business operations, Process and Building Solutions, Intergraph.
Russell Bedford CEO Alan Bezzant commented: "We are delighted to announce the strengthening of Russell Bedford's position in France with the addition of Saint-Honore Partenaires in the capital, alongside our existing French member firms.
Front row) John Stephan, BDO; Paul Edmeades, GE Commercial Finance (Back row) Ian Stitt, HSBC Bank PLC; Martin Perry, Barclays Bank PLC; Rob Brown, Lloyds Banking Group; Stephen George, Squire Sanders Hammonds; John Bezzant, Barclays Bank PLC; Paul Tallon, BDO (Back row) Drew Johnson, GE Commercial Finance; Rachael Wilding, HBJ Gateley Wareing LLP; Stephen Massey, BDO.
Alan Bezzant, CEO of Russell Bedford International, commented, "The World Bank Doing Business project is to be commended in now reflecting more of the real-world compliance issues well-known to entrepreneurs and their advisers.
Stuart Sewell, Steve Hickman, Ed Watkinson, Bill Spears John Bezzant, Phil Emerson, Allan Booth, Omar Mirza, Simon Hunt John Sergeant, Guest Speaker; Richard Fleming, Mark Orton, Hosts David Hargreaves, Steve Cronin, Ben Collett
Russell Bedford CEO Alan Bezzant added: "With their mission 'to serve our customers beyond limits', it is evident that we have found a new member, in Certified Auditors and SARH International, that shares the same values as our existing member firms.
Richard Edwards, Dawn Roberts, John Duckers, Catherine Wall ; Glynn Edwards, Ian Forrest, Andy Mewis, Ian French ; Steve Wilkinson, Dominic Wong, Paul Clissitt, John Bezzant, Greg Judd ; Amanda Allen, Sally Lane, Jane Lodge, David Hall ; Ian Baker, Rob Blyth, Andy Peters ; Nick Compton, Rob Gilmore, David Langton, Richard Barlow, Simon Adcock