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Synonyms for reproach

Synonyms for reproach

to cause to feel embarrassment, dishonor, and often guilt


words expressive of strong disapproval

an implied criticism

Synonyms for reproach

disgrace or shame

express criticism towards

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The challenge now is for the nation's Parliament to pass legislation, during a marathon all-weekend session, which will ensure that the election re-run is beyond reproach by either side, and by the anxiously watching international community.
Akers said China's team concept is beyond reproach.
Because society has decided they're all role models who should be beyond reproach.
In times of crises, the credibility of a president of the United States must be beyond reproach.
Of equal importance in these times when confidence in executive integrity has flatlined, we have a man whose credentials in business, community affairs and education are beyond reproach.
Fabio Capello's right-hand man Franco Baldini does it and he's beyond reproach.
There was a sense that all institutions and figures were sacred, beyond reproach.
With this goal in mind, digital certificates and PKI can provide a strong mechanism provided that their own integrity is beyond reproach.
It really is up to our new ministers in the Assembly to clean up their act and ensure our beaches are an international attraction that are beyond reproach.
Art has become the sacred cow of secular society, holy beyond reproach, with public funding advocates becoming indistinguishable from religious zealots.
Emerald Entertainment, with a track record of over ten years of event planning, production and consulting, possesses a client roster beyond reproach.
His republican credentials had appeared beyond reproach.
Not only is Brad Pitt beyond reproach, but he is a man of extreme integrity and goodness.
Rosen has assured me that he has performed his own due diligence and that those individuals are beyond reproach.
Shia, the bigger group in Iraq, treat the Imam as beyond reproach while Sunnis - the majority worldwide - believe leadership is a privilege granted by Mohammed's faithful.