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Synonyms for means

Synonyms for means

an instrumentality for accomplishing some end

considerable capital (wealth or income)

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It is strange that Ishaq Dar had not resigned from his post of Finance Minister to this date and he is still retaining the portfolio even after the clear verdict of the Supreme Court convicting him on the charge of living beyond means.
More importantly, to be able to share the music we play every week on C2 BBC Radio Cymru with new audiences around the UK and beyond means the world to me.
This was a stunning example of spending beyond means.
For George Schildge with Matrix Marketing Group, digital marketing in 2014 and beyond means creating a more connected customer experience via marketing that makes use of every electronic device imaginable to engage stakeholders.
The economic crisis of 2008 and beyond means there are fewer jobs, but not no jobs," he says.
Fraudsters displayed one or more of these red flags before or during the commission of the fraud: living beyond means, financial difficulties, unusually close association with vendors or customers, and excessive control issues.
However, borrowing beyond means by NRIs is not a good idea.
The habit of living beyond means and addiction of debt has now recognized Pakistan as a nation of beggars whose bowl is expanding day by day.
Behavioral Red Flags of Perpetrators * 2010 2008 Living beyond means 43.
Sparrow said the kind nature of people in the Vale of Clwyd and beyond means the attraction will return bigger and better.
Snelsire said that the embassy understands the security needs under the prevailing circumstances in Pakistan, but checking beyond means is something else.
For too many years the 'luxury' of living beyond means has meant that any quirk in markets has left those in a position of not being 'viable' with liquidizeable assets, to cover shortfalls exposed to elimination.
This leads to an unhealthy expansion in the overall volume of credit, to excessive leverage, and to an unsustainable rise in asset prices, living beyond means, and speculative investment," Chapra said.
But to operate in the changing world of charitable NGOs in 2003 and beyond means that the TCPA must also continue to capitalise on the opportunities that a competitive and demanding world presents.
Looking beyond means looking to this summer, when power usage normally soars with the temperatures.