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Beyond Expectations was set up two years ago to solve the problem of Durham schools doing well at Key Stages One, Two and Three, but not translating that into success at GCSE.
Although the campaign is still young, preliminary sales figures indicate an outcome beyond expectations.
An extrinsic reward a raise, tangible award or promotion) for performing beyond expectations is important.
Despite the late setback, engineers connected with the mission say Dante performed beyond expectations in a harsh environment.
The projects, Harborside, Dune Deck, and Westhampton Bath & Tennis, sold out in record time at price levels beyond expectations.
The company said the public response to the buyback offer was far beyond expectations.
Breaking Limits mission is to go above and beyond expectations for every partner with business professionals that have the integrity, morals and values that Labonte encompasses.
Managing director, Susan McAlear said: "Since we launched our first home in 1995, we've worked hard to provide a level of care above and beyond expectations.
From the billboard ad and its almost imperceptible placement of the Tower of Pisa protruding from Rob Schneider's crotch area to Eddie Griffin's male prostitute pimp, 'European Gigolo' soars far beyond expectations.
Growing demand for iPod music players boosted Apple Computer's results beyond expectations in the fourth quarter.
As a result of the commercial launch of SDPA and its portals, Turkcell's Chief Service and Product Development Officer concludes: "We have seen a beyond expectations uptake in our value-added services usage.
DYS' software simplifies enterprise IM management by capturing all IM traffic running through the Lotus Sametime network - and assures this ever more critical infrastructure performs at or beyond expectations.
This was a very emotional time for us and his bedside manner went far beyond expectations, along with his concerns for my mother's health.