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Apparently not satisfied by Cacdac's answer, Enrile asked the PDEA chief if his estimate of the drug problem in the country was either under control or beyond control.
Thus, new approaches are needed to sustain progress in malaria control and to move beyond control to malaria elimination.
Due to these crises, the Arab world's overall economy has been affected and there is a great need to take immediate corrective measures before the situation goes beyond control.
He underscored that the fact that the judiciary was independent did not mean that it was beyond control.
Should Libya become a failed state, kidnapped by radical groups and warlords, the consequences would be far-reaching and perhaps beyond control," Abdelaziz added.
Legazpi City, Albay -- At least 27 passengers were injured when a south-bound bus, its steering wheel beyond control by the driver, hit a roadside metal barrier then fell off a five-meter ravine in barangay Naspi in Pilar town in Sorsogon Friday.
What a depressing insight into the way the Mr Bigs of the criminal world think that they are literally beyond control of the law.
As both the units stored inflammable items, the fire quickly spread beyond control.
The Iranian foreign minister condemned the use of chemical weapons as well as the use of force and military intervention in Syria, and said, "Military intervention in Syria will have detrimental and wide-scale consequences which might go beyond control.
Within days of its arrival, the monsoon in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand set new records of devastation as the rivers coming down from the Himalayas swelled beyond control, bursting banks and reducing the surrounding areas to watery wastelands.
In particular, it reexamines the traditional notions of nature as "everything born" and culture as "everything made," to suggest a different conceptualization of nature as all that is beyond control and culture as all the things that humans control.
This is a condition in contracts that exempts buyers or sellers from commitments in case of events that are beyond control.
After the recent hike in petrol price, the government had blamed the increase on the global situation, a "problem beyond control of the government".
Nandita will now showcase two of her major, new works, titled " The Islands have Shifted" which has been inspired by the fragility of human and land mass when confronted by forces beyond control.
This is a fire which may seem manageable at first, but is ultimately beyond control .