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So that had not thy untimely folly bewrayed itself, it may be that the syllogisms whereby our father hath cracked the crown of Canterbury should have had no other answer, or he himself none other punishment but this.
than that in truth they feel those passions, which as easily (I think) may be bewrayed by that same forcibleness or energia (as the Greeks call it) of the writer.
And therein, although the wiser sort would turne ouer the leafe as a thing altogether fruitlesse yet I my selfe haue reaped this commoditie, to sit and smile at the fond deuices of such as haue enchained them selues in the golden fetters of fantasie, and hauing bewrayed themselues to the whole world, do yet coniecture yt they walke vnseene in a net.
As this forme of speech is most passionate so ought it to be most serious and voyd of fiction and faining; for counterfait lamentation doth seldome move pitie, for it is commonly bewrayed or knowne either by the cause or by the person, by the cause, as fained lamentations in Tragedies; by the person, and that either by his condition, or by some signes of his affection, by his condition, as the lamentations of common beggers, which are commonly counterfeited, by signe of affection, as when the speaker expresseth a lamentable matter with a cold or carelesse affection.