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  • verb

Synonyms for bewitch

Synonyms for bewitch

to act upon with or as if with magic

to please greatly or irresistibly

Synonyms for bewitch

attract strongly, as if with a magnet

cast a spell over someone or something

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Clearly familiar with this line of argument, Lyly must have also been aware of its lack of influence on the popular culture: accusations and trials continued, and cunning-folk were still consulted in the cases of bewitchment.
I beg you, that you liberate this my body, and this my soul from all the aforesaid bewitchments of the Demon, removing the forces of the enchanters, or enchantresses, who by the art of the Demon mistreat this my body.
The words "compelled to seek" betray entrapment; they evoke the misery of bewitchments, of receding mirages, pots of fairy gold.
Hence, we constantly need to be wary of linguistic entanglements and bewitchments and attend to descri ptions of "the actual use of language" leaving the world "as it is" (#124).
Naturally, every spell had its counterspell: The four-leaved shamrock, a motif of good luck, is thought to guard against fairy bewitchments.
The stories were usually told through the eyes and sensibility of a Chaplinesque "common man," a vagabond or tramp happily endowed with an educated lower-middle-class sensibility, who struggles against the authority of tradition and the corruption of wealth, picking his way through Bombay's traps and bewitchments.
Even though this resulted in an intellectual blind spot (and in logical inconsistencies that Shaw is quick to point out), it also gave Mill a cause and a focus which enabled him to unmask many of the linguistic bewitchments proliferating around him.