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a magical spell

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The probable diffusion of enchantment and possession stories and the suggestive character of the exorcism rites undoubtedly were a major force in this evolution, not least as they confirmed the girls' status as bewitched or possessed and informed the girls about possession and bewitchment stereotypes which they increasingly incorporated into their behaviour.
This is the ultimate kind of the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of our language, or, we may say, by means of our dogmatic, theoretical view of language.
The wording of the last address stresses the crucial difference that Lyly sees between Cynthia and those of Medea and Circe's ilk: while Medea and Circe distort the truth, Cynthia counters the bewitchment and heals Bagoa by appealing to the natural order and allowing that which has been perverted to spring back to its original shape.
Another recent study of exorcism, however, deliberately excludes bewitchment from consideration; see Hilaire Kallendorf, Exorcism and its Texts: Subjectivity in Early Modern Literature of England and Spain (Toronto: U of Toronto P, 2003)
Witchcraft treatises also influenced the development of thinking about women's melancholy, Neely shows, as skeptics in the witchcraft debate, looking for alternative explanations for ailments attributed to bewitchment or possession and for women's witchcraft confessions, found melancholy to be a plausibly "natural" way to account for their behavior.
William Griggs, the village doctor diagnosed bewitchment and this ultimately resulted in the hanging deaths of nineteen men and women.
The academic podium in Tabor's case and the novel in Gass's are sites of resistance to the bewitchment of ordinary language.
From time immemorial to the present, numerous people all over the world have perceived hearings as the victory of a mighty power over inferior, life-threatening evil spirits, demons and bewitchment.
Hugh McLachlan and Kim Swales's "The Bewitchment of Christian Shaw" is a provocative study of a still-puzzling incident.
Her daughter's parenting voice warns her about her bewitchment, for she is stuck in a time warp and a niche.
This reciprocated bewitchment with Ireland began years ago when he was chummed up by the balladeer duo of Foster and Allen who have recorded several of his songs.
That, when I was thirteen, the bewitchment of poetry was revealed to me by some "sad and jewel-like" verses, as Jose Marti called them, written by Julian del Casal and read by me as simple examples of quatrains in a mediocre schoolbook.
People ca me to him for non-medical consults as well as medical, seeking astrological advice on decisions, lost objects, troubles with spirits and feats of bewitchment.
But scholars may, at such times, miss the bewitchment that Herrick knows cannot inhere "when Art is too precise.
Following Wittgenstein, many found philosophy anew by using conceptual analysis as therapy for metaphysical bewitchment.