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in a bewildering and confusing manner


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Those failures didn't deter his cockiness though, so it says a lot of the new and improved Corden that he finds the idea of his face adorning promotional banners for The Wrong Mans in America bewilderingly amusing, rather than a given.
This massive, bewilderingly uncontainable object became the catalyst and inspiration for the desublimatory stance of Oldenburg's radical object vocabulary.
Overall, he performed the often bewilderingly elaborate piano part with a great deal of clarity.
The video which lampoons a Swedish furniture giant's bewilderingly madcap array of bizarrely-named furniture, features Sport Wales presenter Lisa in sexy negligee, looking on disapprovingly as none of the band get to grips with the self-assembly furniture.
It's like trying to get your head around the concept of the universe - bewilderingly large and ever-expanding.
Notwithstanding his complete lack of Johnsonian charisma, Ed Miliband has been bewilderingly absent through a fascinating Olympic summer that held the public imagination in its grip.
If I'd had a Halifax savings account before the weekend I'd have closed it by now on the strength of their bewilderingly pathetic adverts.
While some music sites offer a bewilderingly vast selection of divergent styles and quality, LEEPFrog.
Turning to Tuesday's ballot measures, some people bewilderingly seem to think that even more government and more taxes will somehow help matters, rather than making them worse.
Bewilderingly it didn't make much of an impact on the charts, despite well received performances at Glastonbury and a host of festivals across Europe.
Paper tape has been threaded into a bewilderingly loopy trajectory from drum to drum.
Bewilderingly, the first question that caused the Dennis pram to be emptied of all toys was: "How do you relax?
Gradually they appear to acquire strength as Forsythe invents a whole new way for them to dance, extending the buckling, boneless movement already in evidence in his Loss of Small Detail and creating seamless, bewilderingly poignant duos in which the kinetic reactions, the falling, swooping, skimming movements, look so spontaneous that it's hard to conceive of this as "choreography.
One purpose was a kind of initiation ritual: pledges were supposed to return to headquarters, a place employees bewilderingly refer to as "the Ford division of Ford,' grateful to be back in the company's prestige center.