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in a bewildering and confusing manner


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Along the way he met a bewilderingly eclectic group of characters --decadent emigres, railway labourers, members of the Indian settler community, intellectuals and rebels who all, in some way, demonstrate the influence that a writer who died four centuries ago had on the continent.
A never-to-be-topped moment from C4's celebrity winter sports carnage The Jump, back bewilderingly for a second series minus smartypants Alex Brooker but with a new knockout event, the Air Jump, a genuine spectacle apparently deemed too out of place to make more than two outings all week.
The traffic can most of your The traffic can |The be bewilderingly busy in the rush hours and it's best to visit the big attractions when it's quieter.
Only one safe conclusion can be drawn from the bewilderingly contradictory visual determinations of rotation rate: most if not all are illusory.
Age of Extinction is a bewilderingly excessive, non-stop demolition derby that works because of the action's sheer scale and breathtaking Earth settings.
As editor Richard Falk notes in his contribution, "there exists a bewilderingly diverse, and even contradictory, set of uses of 'legitimacy' in contemporary commentary on world order" (p.
I had just had a big fight with my new husband, and in a huff I stormed out of our apartment to the bewilderingly quiet street in the Westchester hamlet where we were living.
The traffic can be bewilderingly busy in the rush hours and it's best to visit the big attractions when it's quieter.
This is a singer who knows how to wait and listen (he should give masterclasses) while the pianist plays introductions, interludes and epilogues, and here his accompanist Susie Allan was remarkable in the bewilderingly wide range of piano textures, from virtuoso to austere, that she was required to encompass.
Weintraub's helter-skelter descriptions, through the eyes of participants of the fall of Singapore, MacArthur's retreat to Corregidor, the battle for Moscow, and Churchill's travels, convey this bewilderingly swift transformation in the war situation.
In bewilderingly odd times all of them, in their different ways, keep the children's book world afloat in space like Terry Pratchett's turtles holding up Discworld.
A bewilderingly in-depth multiplayer social overlay, it combines customisation and matchmaking tools with a staggering stats engine.
the Gospel) to peoples whose linguistic and cultural worlds are bewilderingly distinct from the worlds of either those who originated the Bible's parts or those who since then have interpreted its contents has been the principal calling of Christian missionaries.
ECONOMICS fashions change in tandem with politics, and the global political order has altered bewilderingly after 1990.
Including more than 100 loans encompassing a variety of media, "Michelangelo Pistoletto: From One to Many, 1956-1974" features the "Quadri specchianti" (Mirror Paintings), 1962-, which reflected, quite literally, Italy's tumultuous social and political transformations of that time; "Stracci" (Rags), 1968, whose consumer remnants are the closest to the aims of Arte Povera, with which Pistoletto is often associated; documentation of the artist's radical theater group Lo Zoo from the late 1960s; and the bewilderingly heterogeneous "Oggetti in meno" (Minus Objects), 1965-66.