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Mr Williams added: "There is such a plethora of committees, forums and quangos that - for business - it is a bewildering array of structures with little understanding how all this improves real life.
It was a giggly little inside joke, and, since none of the nominees was identified, a little bit bewildering.
At this point I am finding it bewildering to turn back and survey the path I took.
More Offbeat Kentuckians is very highly recommended for all readers as a humorous compendium of bewildering, laugh-invoking, and down-right odd tales and stories from the bluegrass state of Kentucky.
The Internet contains a bewildering number of sources on every imaginable topic.
In counterpoint to Toren's effortlessness was the bewildering Frida Hultcrantz, singing the Finnish national anthem while lying atop the tomb of the country's former president, Urho Kekkonen, and wearing just undies and a fur coat.
If you are concentrating hard you eventually come to the conclusion that the bewildering negatives in this passage are to do with establishing the impartiality of the 'quiet but kindly determined' Sorensen when, as you learn in a later passage, he anointed Andersson as his successor at the Danish Academy of Fine Arts.
They were learning, as I pray we all do, that in the providence of God no suffering, no death, however bewildering, can ultimately thwart the purposes of God who, in Jesus, has entered precisely that experience and has triumphed.
Share prices move up and down according to a bewildering array of factors, only some of which are readily quantifiable or even conventionally discernible by CPAs and the clients they represent.
The toy money can then be spent in a bewildering array of branded shops including a Gillette pharmacy, a Sanborns stationers and a Ponds Institute beauty clinic.
It becomes pathetic when it is tossed into the mix in the form of one-liners and esoteric witticisms that 98 percent of the audience finds bewildering.
All of this can be bewildering to the physician who is attempting to make the transition from clinical medicine to the biotech startup world.
Carmichael, a professor of comparative literature at Cornell University, has an admirable objective, to provide a single thesis that will explain all the "puzzles" of the bewildering complexity of laws in the first five books of the Bible, the Pentateuch (15), without resort to the traditional forms of biblical criticism, particularly source criticism, which he labels "conventional" and "rather depressing" (9).
While the choreography tends to get lost beneath the often bewildering melange, there is a memorable piece of movement in a beautifully articulated bare-backed segment by Lockyer.
The intense fragmentation in the security industry makes it bewildering for companies to know when and how to deploy anti-virus, firewall, intrusion prevention, virtual private networks, content filtering and anti-spam technologies," said GGC Managing Partner Kevin Gallagher.